The best way to sanitize your things on your first trip after a pandemic is through a UV light from this wand

This portable wand can sanitize your things using a UVC light that can kill 99.9% of germs

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Keeping ourselves healthy and clean has become the only way to fight the virus. But what about the things you always carry with you? Your gadgets like mobile phones or earphones, the keyboards that you always touch, all the stuff in your bag — these are all potential carriers of bacterias and viruses. So no matter how often you sanitize your hands, you are still susceptible to germs because of these. This is where UVC sanitizers like the CleanPod can help.

CleanPod is a sterilizer tool that produces a high-energy beam of UVC light to sanitize surfaces without using harmful chemicals. Its UVC light can kill up to 99.9% of germs that are not visible. Unlike conventional UVC lamps, CleanPod LEDs contain no mercury.

It is designed like a wand so you can use it in any item or things you usually hold, like the railings of the stairs or the public chairs and you can even bring it on your trips whether it’s at the park meters away from your home or at an island for a holiday trip.

This UVC sanitizer wand actively kills germs and has actual evidence of their lab testing posted on their website. Within just 30 seconds of sweeping, it can effectively kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

What CleanPod UVC Sterilizer sets apart from others?

  1. Powerful Sanitation. It effectively kills 99.99% of unseen bacterias and viruses, making it a vital device to help protect you from any unseen germs.
  2. Mercury-free. The entire device is safe to use in different environments, and it doesn’t leave any chemical residue behind once it has finished sanitizing an area.
  3. Sustainable and reusable. It uses UVC to clean, making it a much friendlier alternative than wipes or clothes designed for a similar purpose.

How CleanPod works?

Ultraviolet C (UVC) light has a very short wavelength and very high energy. Wavelengths between 200–300 nm are considered germicidal, as they are strongly absorbed by nucleic acids.

UVC light is proven to be highly effective in killing bacteria and other pathogens, by scrambling their DNA or RNA (their genetic code). Once their genetic code is broken, they can no longer function.

Monos, the maker of CleanPod, is dedicated to giving back to the community. They donate partial proceeds from every CleanPod they sell to United Way India COVID-19 National Response Fund.

Since you cannot be too careless when everything you touch could be a potential source of infection. CleanPod UVC Sterilizer is an option in choosing sanitation devices for the things you need to clean without using liquid and chemicals.