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The Best RPG Games Of All Time

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Okay, so before anything else, let us clear things up a bit before we start.
We will only put one RPG game per franchise, alright? Otherwise, you will see a whole bunch of Pokemon and Final Fantasy titles cluttering up this list.

So without further ado, here are some of the best RPG games that marked the Spot of Fame.
In no particular order.

Diablo 2
Now, let us talk about real classics. This game is definitely full of ?FIRSTS?. Although it?s not an MMO, Diablo 2 created most of the norms we see in MMO RPGs to this day. The game was also one of the first multiplayer RPGs that became popular. Then there was crafting an alchemy, player versus player and a storyline that was not that great. Hell, it could even be said that the loot dropping?s rarity system was popularized by Diablo 2.
The game challenged the RPG conventions we love. Earthbound?s heroes are not knights and warriors, they?re just simple kids who grew up in simple towns. Instead of fighting orcs and vampires, we fought murderous carnival tents and giant piles of puke. The game was as charming as it was disobeying, and it definitely made us all cry and pray.


Pokemon Red and Blue
This game is one of the best selling RPGs of all time. Pokemon is a huge franchise with a phenomenal history. Players spend a great amount of time in their lives trying to raise a perfect Pokemon. This game might actually be one of the most complex RPG games in the market, considering it?s about training and raising mystical pets to fight against each other. We can only pick one in the franchise, so obviously we will choose the one that started it all, the Pokemon Blue and Red.


Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
There are lots of best RPG games lists out there that includes Dragon Age, Mass Effect and Fallout 3 on their list. Yeah, they are ?good, and also very new. Games like these are called ?shiny?. It?s a tendency that we ?misunderstand things that are new for things that are astonishing, just because we recently played them.
However, Skyrim is not one of those ?shiny? games out there. It?s really good, it is not possible to have a list like this without it. Elder Scrolls games are the best.


Final Fantasy VI
Like we said earlier, we will only insert one game per franchise, yeah? So, we had to pick the best that Final Fantasy had to offer, and for us, it?s Final Fantasy VI. Huge swappable parties made up of an intriguing ensemble cast of characters were introduced in the game. And FF VI was the first to make magic equippable rather than learning it. Each of the game?s characters have their own unique skills which are useful throughout the game. And to top it all, it has one of the best RPG villains ever. Kefka, the most iconic clown villain who wants? to destroy the world, just for the LOLs! (lol)


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