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The Best Reasons Not To Buy A Limited Edition Sony PS4 Destiny: The Taken King Bundle

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Destiny: The Taken King Limited Edition PS4 Bundle
Reasons not to buy the limited edition Sony PS4

Destiny, Bungie?s widely-popular game that?s not Halo, is set to release a limited edition Sony PS4 Destiny: The Take King Bundle this September 15. Ever since its successful debut last year, the mythic-science fiction game has reportedly hooked millions of players ? and they are growing.

During last month?s E3 convention, a new expansion called Destiny: The Taken King was revealed along with the announcement that three subclasses will be added along with their new powers and skill sets.

The new expansion will be available in just a few months, but we?re already seeing a few reasons NOT to be too excited. Here?s why:

You have to buy the whole set

Previously, if you want to check out the capabilities of the new Warlock, Hunters, and Titans subclass, you really have no other choice but to buy the Legendary or Collector?s bundle which comes with a Destiny base game ? yes, even if you own one already. This meant paying $60, which comes with the two previous expansions (The Dark Below and House of Wolves), plus the digital upgrade and Taken King to incubate the idea of an exclusive game.

However, the negative reactions led to Bungie finally announcing that they will be releasing a single expansion of Taken King for those who already own the original game at $40 ? double the price of the previous Destiny.

Die-hard fans however, who want to ?have it all? will have a problem next with?

The exorbitant price of the?Limited Edition Taken King set

Fans reacted rather negatively after finding out the limited edition collector?s copy is available for a whopping $80! The set includes the base game, the two previous expansions, and The Taken King.

Loyal fans though, will probably go ape with other exclusive items from the Destiny: The Taken King expansion such as a steel-book case, a replica of the Strange Coin complete with its own case, a modified Treasure Island Book and other relics and artifacts that will be in the game. On top of that, there are also three armor shaders and three class-specific “emotes,” which take the form of dance moves or gestures.

Destiny has gone mainstream

If you?re a ?purist? gamer, then you might have trouble wrapping around the idea that Bungie has partnered with Red Bull for Destiny: The Taken King.

According to a report, gamers who want to play a brand new quest apart from the already awesome game play of the new expansion, can do so by purchasing specially marked ?Destiny? Red Bull cans to get it. They’ll even include bonus XP, helping you rank your Hunter, Titan or Warlock ahead of the quest’s launch on September 18th (three days after The Taken King). But if you?re not up to the idea of guzzling the energy drink, then you have to wait until January 1st next year to play the quest. What can we say, that?s one way to leave a bad taste in the mouth.

Destiny can get tacky

Sorry for being blunt, but we think that the 500GB custom white and silver PS4 emblazoned with a golden guardian’s crest, is a bit tacky, and probably not avid fans, but we already think Bungie is screwing us with the $80 collection, so we don?t think it?s a good idea to push it.

And lastly, the reason why we?re not buying the Limited Edition Sony PS4 Destiny: The Taken King Bundle is?

? actually who are we kidding? Destiny: The Taken King is cool, and we think that there?s a market for its pricey extras ? 20million players to be exact!

Destiny: The Taken King will also be available in PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 platforms in September 15.

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