The Best Productivity Apps for Android That You Should Download Now

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Everyone wants to make their lives easier. But easier isn?t always better. Productivity apps can help you bolster your efficiency to perform basic tasks ranging from mundane grocery-lists to complicated mind maps.

Like smartphones, which was only used before as a means for communication and has evolved for various multitasking functions, productivity apps have improved from just a note-taking feature to a cohesive app that lets you create and/or save files and lets you link it across your devices and even to other people?s.

These are the best cool apps that you can use. These are all free on the Android Play Store. They are also not limited to mobile devices as you can use them for your laptop and PC via the Google Web Store.

Google Keep

Google Keep is an all-around notepad that helps you ?quickly capture what?s on your mind? by letting you create notes or lists; speak a voice memo on-the-go and have it transcribed automatically; or even take a photo of a poster, a receipt or a document and attach it to a note.

The app also allows you to label and color code your notes. You may also set reminders for each note to ensure that it pops up when you want it. You may also share these notes with friends and family as it allows you to collaborate with them in real time.

Every note you create on Keep may easily be synced across all linked devices such as tablets, computers, android wearables and any device you can install Keep.

Try Google Keep and on your Android phone by downloading the app here.


Never again would you need to save articles as PDF just to view the content you need when you?re offline. Pocket is a handy application for users who are always on the go and need to trudge through without a constant Wi-Fi access. Pocket empowers users to consume any web page and video they want by saving the files on your device.

Contrary to opening tabs and web pages on Android which creates clutter on the screen, Pocket downloads all content and compiles them in an orderly fashion. Most important of all, every single content you need are usable even when you?re offline.

Pocket enables users to send their files to other Pocket users. Using this feature is easily accessible as you can send files through other popular apps like Facebook and Twitter.

Learn more about the app here.

Gingko App

Have you ever struggled trying to combine your thoughts into one comprehensive idea? Well, Gingko App may just be able to help you out. Gingko app is like a digital board where you can create outliners, mind maps, and post-its using digital index cards.

This is the only web based?productivity app on this list, but omitting Gingko would be an injustice because of the bevy of uses it can provide to its users. According to the creators of Gingko App, it is useful for writing theses, academic papers, project planning, writing novels, screenplays, as well as creating study notes?basically anything that requires users to make sense of various clusters of information.

Among the features of the Gingko App is its ?Card & Tree? structure which allows you to organize your thoughts comprehensively, real-time collaboration, easy navigation, rearranging of cards without affecting other cards that branch out from it.

The app also allows you to share your outliners and mind maps to friends by simply sending them the link to your work.

You can check the app here.

Other Productivity Apps

Other great free productivity apps that can neatly aid you in your day-to-day life is the web-based project management app Trello which enables users to neatly list projects in cards and easily share it with everyone. Another is Slack which excels in organizing communications by sorting chat rooms according to your liking.

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