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The Best Moments Of New York Comic Con 2015: New Heroes, TV Shows, And The Best ?Disguises?

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The 2015 New York Comic Con had its ups and downs, but it definitely did not disappoint. We heard and saw some of the most exciting news during the convention, but there were some things that made a better impact. Here are some of the main highlights during the 2015 NYCC that we think are the ones that kicked off with a bang, reported by ABC news.

Ash vs. Evil Dead

We can?t wait to see how Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell will spice up the world of TV with their new series ?Ash vs. Evil Dead.? Everyone was amazed and excited when the first episode from the reboot ?Ash vs. Evil Dead? showed at NYCC. The series stole the convention as the crowd was cheering throughout its appearance.

Game of Thrones

As usual, ?Game of Thrones? took Comic Con by storm as the cast shared what could be their next exploit in season 6. ?Game of Thrones? cast Keisha Castle-Hughes and Finn Jones might have also slipped some tiny details that may result in another wave of rumors.


The highly-acclaimed TV show ?Daredevil? made a huge impact at NYCC with a teaser for the next season. The crowd was so excited and restless that they had to play the trailer twice just for them to move on. ?Daredevil? also revealed a look at Jon Bernthal?s character: The Punisher.


TV show ?Supergirl? has been getting a lot of hype since it was first introduced and it did not upset the crowd during NYCC. Premiere of ?Supergirl? was screened during the convention and it looked like the fans were happy with it. It was also revealed that supervillain Toyman will be one of the major antagonists in the first season of the show.

Mark Ruffalo and Jared Leto disguise

We can’t forget how Mark Ruffalo and Jared Leto surprised the crowd at NYCC with their witty disguises.

Got to hide out and enjoy #comiccon2015

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Bryan Cranston is a superhero?

Meanwhile, a certain “Breaking Bad” character is thinking about joining the superhero community. Bryan Cranston expressed his interest in specifically joining the Marvel cast in hopes of becoming an X-Men supervillain, in the form of Mister Sinister. We hope Marvel tuned in to NYCC because judging from the roars of the audience, Bryan Cranston playing Mister Sinister will definitely be a big addition.

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