The Best Cosplays Liven Up New York Comic Con 2015: Dragon Ball Z, Batman Dominate Event, See Crowd Favorites Here

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A comic book convention is not complete without the cosplayers showing their celebration of their favorite characters.

Cosplay is one of the best highlights in any comic book and pop culture convention, people showing their love to their favorite series or games by becoming one of the characters. It may look odd to the eyes of the public, but who cares if these cosplayers and the con-goers are both having fun. This year at New York Comic Con, over 150,000 comic book fans and a huge chunk of cosplayers have gathered to this annual event to have a really great time. We decided to list out some of the awesome cosplays found at New York Comic Con. (credits to Fortune, Techinsider and Fuse for the photos)




Saiyans everywhere

It?s not a comic con if you don?t see a couple of Dragon Ball Z cosplayers roaming around the event, whether they are in their simple form or their badass Super Saiyan form, seeing these cosplayers will just remind you on why you love the Dragon Ball Z series.



Disney characters to the next level

It?s your usual Walt Disney characters, but with a twist. You might see a zombified Disney princesses, futuristic forms, steampunk versions and even warrior versions. It?s amazing to see some of these recreated in different forms from fans.



Video game galore

If it is not about comic book and anime characters, it is going to be something about video games. You can see characters like Kratos, Mario, Link and many other familiar faces in the world of video games. You might see some of the larger characters like the Jehuty from Zone of the Enders.



Lots of Batman

What is a comic book convention without Batman cosplayers? You can see different kinds of Batman around the convention, from your typical Batman appearance to the New 52 version and even the latest from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie.


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