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The Best Chat Apps You Can Use Daily on Your Smartphone

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Why stick to text or SMS messaging when you can opt for better and FREE ways to talk to people online using your phone?

Yes, that’s right. These apps are of free service and you get to enjoy cool perks – like video calls.

So download these apps and enjoy.


  • WhatsApp?


This is a cross platform messaging app founded in 2009 by veterans of Yahoo! With this app, one can exchange music, pictures, videos and other media messages over mobile internet or connecting to Wi-Fi. It is not your usual?normal chat and instant messaging app. It became so popular with smartphone users that they?even started saying WhatsApp has done same to SMS what Skype did to international calling to landline. Unlike the BBM service of BlackBerry, WhatsApp is available on many and almost every platform like Windows, IOS, Symbian, BlackBerry and OS; thus, its popularity. There are also many useful features like group chat and sharing location and status.


  • Viber


This app developed by Viber Media is a proprietary cross platform messaging and voice over internet protocol designed for BlackBerry, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Symbian, BADA and recently launched its desktop version which syncs your contacts from your smartphone and allows the user to chat through the desktop without using the smartphone. As of writing, it has 200 million users worldwide, which works on both WiFi and 3G. Viber was initially launched for iPhone in December 2010 in competition to Skype, but immensely became popular over many platforms because it had features like group chat service and calling. The features fiber offers also include the exchange of texts, pictures and video messaging. The ?best feature? Viber is available in 30 languages such as English, Arabic, French, Farsi, Italian, Spanish, German and many more.


  • Line


Line was originally created for Android and iOS phones, but now, it is also available to Windows phones and desktops also. The BlackBerry version was made available in October 2012. Line currently has 150 million users all over the world. This app allows texting, exchange of pictures, audio messages and voice calls over the internet for free. Line is available in over 230 countries. One cool feature of Line that appeals to the youth is that it allows users to exchange messages using colorful fonts, emojis and stickers. It also features a timeline to show the latest updates from the “friend circle” and allows you to comment on them.


  • WeChat

This app originated from China and is the direct competitor to Line. It has a Facebook-like features because they are of typical social networking nature. It was not available outside of China before, but now, it is fast becoming popular, most especially in Asian countries.

You get all the usual messaging features in this app: multimedia and group chat, push-to-talk voice messages, voice and video calls and opt-in accounts for brands. There are also discovery features, which are ways to meet new people using the app.

wechat 520x443 22 of the best mobile messaging apps to replace SMS on your smartphone

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