Need To Edit Photos On The Go? Here Are The Best Android Photo Editor Apps To Help You

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Best Android photo editor apps to enhance your photos on the go

Most people love to play around their smartphones or tablets and take pictures. This has become so prevalent that even major camera makers like Nikon and Canon have suffered major revenue losses. Indeed, mobile photography is the new field to beat. For Android device owners, there are tons of photo editor apps in the Google Play Store for them to enjoy; most of them are also free. As such, we?ve decided to shortlist some of the best apps to let you enhance your photos on the go.

Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express, developed by Autodesk Inc., is one of the most powerful photo editor apps out there. It allows users to easily resize, fix, and crop any pictures as well as whiten teeth and remove red-eyes. For professional users who need to retouch their projects away from their desktops, they?ll be glad to learn that Pixlr Express also has Photoshop-ish effects like poster, pencil, water color, sketch and many more. One of its most appealing features is the Auto Fix where you can automatically alter a photo?s color, exposure, brightness and contrast with a single click.


The VSCO Cam app (say ?visco?) began as a paid app but since last year they?ve offered it for free. If you want advanced editing tools, this photo editor app is a good choice. VSCO Cam offers a big collection of photo filters, some users even expressed that this app?s filters are better than Instagram?s. Its editing tools include saturation, tint, brightness, contrast, crop, rotate, highlights, shadows, sharpness, and more. Though many of its filters are free, more filters and tools can be downloaded via in-app purchases.

Photo Editor by Aviary

This photo editor app is a prominent entry in this list since it has a more composed set of actual editing tools. Photo Editor by Aviary offers the fixtures like stickers and filters but has additional features such as Cosmetic Tools where users can remove blemishes and flaws, fix red-eyes, and whiten teeth. It can also get rid of flash burn outs and dust blurs. To make it easier to use, this app also allows users to customize the editing screen by dragging and dropping their preferred toolsets.


Snapseed is a photo editor app built by popular software developer Nik Software Inc. While this app can be used in smartphones, many users expressed that they can maximize Snapseed?s features when used in tablets. The app allows users to transform their photos by using tools like Auto Correct, Tune Image, and Selective Adjust. The Auto Correct tool can enhance exposure, color, and contrast in one tap. The Tune Image feature adjusts brightness, white balance, saturation, shadows, and other effects. Finally, the Selective Adjust feature lets users highlight and focus particular areas or objects in a photo.

BeFunky Photo Editor

This app is also among the top photography apps in the Android platform. BeFunky is a simple photo editor that lets users access dozens of tools and effects including filters, exposure, sharpen, and many more. It also provides a range of photo frames like Filmstrip, Polaroid, and Halftone to give your images a stylish appearance. This photo editor app allows users to literally add unlimited effects to every photo or collage to make them look as unique as they want.


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