The Best Android Games for Horror Junkies

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Before I go into anything else, the best android games for horror junkies have to induce true horror?or at the very least; a legitimate jump scare. I?m really tired of zombie games being classified as immersive horror when they fail to deliver anything beyond heavy breathing and a lot of shooting already-dead flesh. On a small device like a smartphone or Android tablet, it takes a great horror game to deliver the needed atmosphere, unsettling quiet and lasting disturbance.

The best Android games for horror junkies should go beyond zombies. I’m not saying zombies are bad but it shouldn’t be the focal point of the game–just a device within it.

Thanks to horror fans and great developers out there, though, we do have the best Android ?horror games that can grab you even from a handheld screen. So turn off the lights and get alone in a room and be prepared not to sleep for a week.

The Best Android games for horror junkies:

1. Dark Meadow: The Pact

From the start sequence of innocent camera pans and the shots of the dilapidated hospital, you know you?re going to be in for a bit of horror with this game. I kept expecting so see something in the in the window when the camera panned.

You play a patient(?) in an abandoned mental hospital where things start to get a little scarier as goblins and monsters start coming at you. You pick up clues through tapping and try to find out why you?re there or just try to get out of the facility. You use a crossbow or a sword (it?s all you could find) to get through the twisting floors and harrowing encounters. There are more battles than there are puzzles but it delivers a great horror experience.

2. Eyes: the Horror Game

Another ?escape the room? type of game, Eyes does have you at least breaking into a mansion to steal cash first. Only when you realize that your little felony isn?t the only strange thing happening in the mansion do you have that need to get the hell out of there.

But it isn?t going to be easy, and it has the elements of avoiding a malevolent, stalking entity more than actually fighting it. This makes the game go one step further than the usual shoot or slash mechanic?since there is no way to survive but to run away! At least it stays true to us masochistic cowards.

Add the great sound effects, the permeating sense of something watching you with evil intentions and the fact you have to touch the screen, you?re in for many a fright night.

3. The Abandoned School

The title says it all I guess, and then you find out that you have to play the whole thing in monochrome! It seems that the best kind of horror game for Android devices is room escape. This time, you?re a guy exploring an abandoned school to determine what happened to your brother and his girlfriend.

What makes this game a bit different is that it uses the accelerometer in your phone in some puzzles where you can tilt or shake the screen. The story gets more sinister as the game progresses and you can be sure that by the end you probably won?t be getting any sleep!

What other horror games have you played on your Android that needs to be on this list? I think the best? Android games for horror junkies may already be here but there may be a lot of others out there that may come out soon! Drop me a comment and let me take a look?or have a friend play while I cower in the corner.

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