The Best Android games for 2014

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Android users, get your thumbs ready for our roundup of the newest and best games for the first quarter of the year. The best android games for 2014?s first quarter serve up some of the most diverse, engaging and distracting time-vortices ever.

Here at the Bitbag, we strive to give you good reviews and practical knowledge on the apps you should have. This means that we?ve probably spent tons of time playing the games we?re featuring now and we hope you?re going to enjoy them too. If you?re planning to slack off or have a date with your Android phone, then these are the best games to have right now.

So without further ado, here is the Bitbag?s list of the best Android games for the first quarter of 2014:

  • Smash Hit

Simple, beautiful and free, this game takes you on a 3D journey through a path of crystals, glass and platforms with nothing but shiny balls to break the obstacles apart. The more crystals you hit, the more sphere ammunition you get but beware! Hitting obstacles such as doors or glass panes are going to quickly deplete your ammo. You can get the full version to save at checkpoints, but otherwise, it?s a free-to-play game time sink.

  • Sorcery!

Steve Jackson wrote a novel and now it?s an Android app! Just like ye olde Choose Your Own Adventure books, Sorcery! Is a text-heavy game that lets you make decisions based on a story premise. It also includes classic RPG elements such as inventory, stats and a small combat system. Once you?ve finished one route, do it all over again for a different story!

  • Threes!

Deceptively simple, it looks like a math puzzle, but it?s actually just matching the same numbers in a row or column. Still math, but when you play it, you?ll find out how difficult it is to get higher numbers to pair. If you?ve played 2048 on the PC in all its quirky and weird iterations, this is the premium, charming version for your Android phone.

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