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Vine is home to the funniest people on the internet.

This site, which is also from the creators of Twitter, was a video site and app designed to capture life’s unforgettable moments on video. But lo and behold, now, it has become more than that.

It is now the go-to site of professional and amateur comedians all over the world. They seem to be finding new ways to crack up a joke each day – whether that includes a prank on other people or a collaborated skit with fellow viners.

Sit back and relax. We have provided a list of the best people to follow at Vine.


  • Alx James

This man has got me laughing for an hour just looking at his vines. Seriously, this man is one of the funniest people I have met (or known) in my life. His videos are mostly done in his car, where he reveals his truly hilarious self.


  • Chris D’Elia

This is one weird but hilarious guy. This male lead and stand-up guy can make you laugh with his out-of-this-world antics.


  • Jamie Lee

This woman, who is currently a cast member of Girl Code, is one of the best members of the Vine community. We get a few laughs from her acting – whether it be bra-less or not.


  • Eh Bee

A Vine dad who makes videos with his daughter. Follow him for some cute dad-and-daughter action!


  • Ry Doon

He makes videos with homeless people and sometimes looks homeless, too. But no joke, this man does a mean impersonation of Jay Z.


  • Jason Nash

Jason is an actor-comedian in LA. He makes awesome vines himself, but he also collaborates with fellow viners.


  • KC James

This regular 20-something guy?does hilarious impersonations of everyone and everything under the sun, from Orange County moms to.. T-Rex dinosaurs.


  • Brittany Furlan

Brittany is an actress-comedian extraordinaire. She loves impersonating people, too, but there are also times when she just loves being herself.


So if it’s a bad day or just a regular day, be sure to follow these people on Vines. You’re sure to get a good laugh.

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