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The Best and Most Download-Worthy Role-Playing Games (RPG) Available for Android Phones

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One of the hardest things about being an Android user is that they do not offer all of the games and applications the iOS has. Sure, they are one of the technology giants of the world now but they are always playing catch-up to the iOS in terms of variety. They may have more (thousands at that) games and applications, but iOS always gets the best, if not the only, versions of certain games. For example, Infinity Blade. Android users get the best games last, if they get them at all.

So what about a couple of games to play while you wait for the Android version of that game you wanted for so long?


  • Final Fantasy IV

This is the direct port of the Nintendo DS version of the game.


It has a new look but rest assured, still stands as one of the best Final Fantasy games ever. It has the same great story with new 3D character models, made better by an improved visual presentation over the old DS. It is far more pricey than other games but it’s still a great classic game to play whenever you want to pump up some RPG blood.


  • The Bard’s Tale

While most RPG games take themselves way too seriously because of the complex plots about heroic figures and princesses to save, The Bard’s Tale has a more humorous feeling to it. The nameless Bard just wants to have fun, make money, and love women, but as the title of the game suggests, he gets into a grand quest.


Compared to other games, it has a pretty heavy file size of 3.5 GB and native support for a ton of GamePads but if you’ve got the memory to spare, why the heck not? The writing in The Bard’s Tale is excellent and it features Cary Elwes as the voice of the Bard himself. And if that is still not enough to convince you, as a bonus, the game also includes the classic Bard’s Tale trilogy. Yep, my friend, this game is worth the size and the price.


  • Knights of Pen & Paper +1


This RPG is a throwback to all those times your friends gathered around a table and played Dungeons & Dragons. In this game, you can choose your role-players and the dungeon master. You can then set off on a quest, full of humorous references to old RPGs.

It does not get boring because you can challenge your role-players with new quests, add furniture to your room to give them bonuses, and improve them with new items and equipment. This game is a steal for the price of a cup of coffee. Totally download-worthy.


  • Ravensword: Shadowlands

This game is like playing Skyrim right in the palm of your hand. It’s pretty simple: you have a big world full of dungeons and towns to explore, real-time combat and fights with characters, a ton of factions to gain reputations with, and upgrades galore for your character. ?All for a reasonable price.

Although the game offers a larg number of quests, there are no quest markers or anything to guide you. This is as old school as it gets. You need to figure out where the quest needs you to go and then?figure out how to get there. Combat in this game is real-time and relies on touch-screen buttons, so be extra careful when pressing and tapping.


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