The Beautiful Lie TV Series: Modern Anna Karenina Show Is An Instant Hit

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After a series of some amazing shows,? ABC has now brought a new show The Beautiful Lie for its viewers.? The show which is about a modern Australian relationship drama has already found a foothold and is being loved by the viewers.

According to Sydney Morning Herald, The Beautiful Lie excels because it reaches high and manages to take that giant step up. The casting is thrilling ? Sarah Snook and Benedict Samuel are brilliant, ditto Rodger Corser ? and also a little adventurous. Slotting the usually comic Gina Riley into a serious role is a gamble that pays big dividends. Doctor Who made the same discovery with Catherine Tate.

What?s more is that the show has been penned by Alice Bell and Jonathan Gavin and is based on Tolstoy?s Anna Karenina. The action has been moved to Melbourne today, with Russia?s aristocracy replaced by Australia?s own version of aristocracy: our former sporting legends, reports In Daily.

The series is produced by John Edwards and Imogen Banks, the team behind Offspring, and while there?s a little aesthetic similarity, these are two very different series, bound to attract quite different audiences.

However if we talk about the show?s performance so far, Quantico has certainly performed better than The Beautiful Lie.

The battle between Australia’s most radiant actress and the world’s most gorgeous woman was narrowly lost last Sunday by the little Aussie battler, proving that drama is not dead on mainstream television but that we seem to prefer slick American action thrillers to our own more thoughtful tales.

Quantico?drew an audience of 625,000 in Australia’s mainland capitals and?The Beautiful Lie?drew 540,000. Between them they just about wiped out Channel Ten’s?Limitless, which managed a mere 455,000, putting a tiny dent in Ten’s delight in its success with?The Bachelorette, which keeps scoring above 900,000.

Looks like the show has become an instant hit already.

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