The Bastard Executioner Axed: The Real Reason Behind The Show?s Cancellation Revealed

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For all you people out there who were waiting to see the second season of The Bastard Executioner, here?s some bad news for you. The channel has decided to axe the show because of its own showrunner, Kurt Sutter.

According to Tech Times, though the 14th century-themed series had a good 4 million viewers in its combined weekly ratings, it lost more than half of them by episode six, which may have affected Sutter’s morale considering his other show Sons of Anarchy was such a big hit. After talking with FX Chief Executive Officer John Landgraf, the cancellation was announced to the cast, crew and the public.

Kurt Sutter has even given a statement and explained how he does not regret discontinuing the show according to Inquistr. He said, ??I am really proud of the work we did and I wish it could continue, but I think this is the most graceful way to bow out. There?s no animosity. I don?t feel like the network didn?t give us a chance or blah blah. I think everybody did everything they could to support it and make it work and, ultimately, there are just variables that are out of our control.?

Kurt even explained why he felt that the show did not work, According to Hollywood Reporter?he said, ?I think the mythology was a little too dense for some people. There’s a glut of period pieces on right now, and I’m sure timing has something to do it. There’s just so many f?ing variables involved in that formula. My sense is that a year from now, people will be like, “Why didn’t you make more?” (Laughs.) I mean, I get so many people telling me they’re on episode four of Sons.?

Well, we hope that he comes up with a better show to entertain the audience after ending this show.

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