The Bachelorette Australia 2015 Winner Revealed: Sasha Wins Sam?s Heart?

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The Bachelorette Australia 2015 winner

In what?s probably one of the biggest disappointments in The Bachelorette Australia history, we bid goodbye to fan favorite Richie Strahan as our girl Sam Frost decides to NOT give him a rose in tonight?s elimination. We?ve said all along that a ?future together? might come in too strong for the pretty brunette, and scare her from actually making a commitment.

Richie does another similar show of affection by actually admitting he?s ?falling for her,? which everybody knows is a wrong move because you shouldn?t get too serious in a reality dating game.

The good news? We think he will be the next Bachelor!

So we?re now left with two highly-opposite blokes: Brisbane native Michael Turnbull and construction manager Sasha Mielczarek. Who do you think will Sam choose tomorrow night? Let?s look at the odds:

Michael and the whales

It?s obvious from their rather boring whale-watching date that Sam has some apprehensions when it comes to Michael. Although she obviously has strong feelings for this professional soccer player/real estate dude, we can?t shake off the feeling that Sam has her doubts.

These doubts are so palpable that it affected the total outcome of their date. We just hope their shared kisses are enough to gain Michael the upper hand.

And don?t forget ? it was Michael the fans saw shopping for a ring!

Sasha faces his fear

That?s right. The couple went on a rather odd date for tonight?s episode and went skydiving! We?re not sure what?s the ultimate purpose of this activity, but we?re guessing Sam was testing just how far Sasha would go in the name of love.

And surprisingly, he went all out! Despite being mortified of heights, Sasha went along with their date and literally took the plunge for our bachelorette. The two shared some snuggly moments pre-jump ? Sam hugging Sasha and trying to calm his nerves. We know at this point Sam was a goner because we all know women love it if they can errr, mother their men.

But the very fact that Sasha did not back off from this death-defying activity just proved that Sasha will do everything for Sam, and now she knows he?s not just a really good kisser. So this is why we really believe that frontrunner Sasha will get the last rose of the season. I mean, what sane man would jump off a plane just to be with the girl he loves? The real winner of course!

So who do you think is getting the final rose? Sound off in the comments section below!

Catch the final episodes of The Bachelorette Australia on Channel 10 every Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30 pm.

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