The Bachelorette Australia 2015 Winner Revealed? Sam Frost?s Kiss Shows Her Final Choice? Michael Wins Her Heart?

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The Bachelorette Australia 2015 winner

We?re only a few hours away before we get to know who?s the final two in the sizzling reality love game The Bachelorette Australia, and we?d be lying if we say we?re not excited to know who gets the final two roses among Sam Forst?s three eligible bachelors.

But as we take a look back at the smooches shared by our lovely bachierette and her three hopeful beaus, we?re guessing we know who gets the final kiss. As we all know, Sam can?t wait to let the world know who her ?boyfriend? is, a fact she was very vocal about in Social Media.

?After 4 months in hiding with my gorgeous boyfriend, we now only have 3 more sleeeeps to go!!!!? the reality star, who is the first ever Australian Bachelorette, posted on Twitter last Sunday.

After a roller coaster ride of group and solo dates, Sam?s choices are now down to three: Brisbane bloke Michael Turnbull, construction manager Sasha Mielczarek, and rope access technician (and fan favourite) Richie Strahan.

Viewers are on a mad guessing game on social media as to who the lucky man is. But we?re doing our choice on something more scientific ? we?re basing it on a kiss! Here?s our analysis

Hot and steamy with Sasha

In our last article, we figured Sam is choosing Sasha because they have shared something personal ? a sad past of loved ones with stroke. In the episode, Sam admitted that she?d do anything to have one more moment with Sasha ? strong words coupled with not just one, but two kisses!

It?s obvious that the construction manager is equally smitten with the brunette beauty, BUT we see their kiss as something that won?t last beyond the heat. Sasha?s kiss is something you won?t forget, but something that can only happen once in a cold summer night and probably not long-term afterall.

Comfortable smooch with Richie

Fan-favorite Richie is obviously a strong contender in the game, and we?re guessing he?ll be one of the final two. Sam is obviously fond of this guy, and she did have that rare moment of seeing themselves literally growing old together.

The experience has brought the couple closer, and earned Richie his first real kiss with our girl. But maybe seeing their ?future? together was too soon to consider? Anyway, there are reports that Strahan is spending the weekend on Victoria?s Phillip Island for Moto GP, just hours away from Frost?s hometown of Sydney, further fueling fan speculations!

The ?can?t get enough of you? Kiss with Michael

The Bachelorette Australia 2015 winner

Since the beginning, we?ve been holding a torch for Michael hoping he?d be the one to end up with our Bachelorette, but as with any dating game, competition was tough. But it seems to us that Mike?s all-around good guy image, plus he?s obvious feelings have won our girl over, and he got himself the kind of kiss during the hometown visit only a girl in love can give ? one which Sam obviously can?t seem to get enough of!

Add to that, there?s been some confirmed ?sightings? of Turnbull looking at rings around his hometown. A clear sign? Well we say Mike?s dad?s feelings for Sam is also so cute!

So who do you think is getting the final rose? Sound off in the comments section below!

Catch the final episodes of The Bachelorette Australia on Channel 10 every Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30 pm.

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