The Bachelorette Australia 2015 Winner: Lucky Guy Revealed In Final Four Choices? ?I Would Give Up My World For Him!? – Sam

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The Bachelorette Australia 2015 winner

When Dave was sent home last night during the final five elimination of everyone?s favorite The Bachelorette Australia, we came into the conclusion that romance is definitely a strong factor when it comes to Sam Frost?s final choice.

So it comes as no surprise that our pretty Bachelorette seem to be falling for the brooding good looks, and good kiss by none other than? Sasha!

Sasha is definitely a strong contender for Sam?s heart. In the last episode, we can see Sam and Sasha sharing some electricity-filled moments while doing a mural for the the National Stroke Foundation – a cause close to both of their hearts after Sasha lost his grandfather and Frost her stepfather to strokes.

This scene can?t get any more personal, and the understanding/ moment shared by the two seemed to have sealed the deal when it comes to who will be Sam?s choice.

In fact, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, the two can?t help but reveal that they are both falling for each other.

“I would give up my world for one more moment with him. I really would,” a teary-eyed Frost confessed.

Sweet right? Well we truly believe that Sam has a weakness for men who are great kissers. In fact, that?s how we assumed Richie, with his chiseled good looks, is going to win over other guys in the house. He seemed to have the most natural rapport with our Bachelorette, and during their last date, wherein the two dressed-up to look like a 60-year old couple, it was obvious that they both enjoyed their time together.

It was the first time we saw Sam genuinely happy ? laughing and smitten during the unique turn of events, so a kiss after the date seemed so natural. Our girl was giddy!

As for Michael Turnbull, well he better up his ante if he wants to interact with the remaining love hopefuls.

So who do you think will be in the final 4 of this season?s Bachelorette Australia? Find out more in The Bachelorette Australia exclusive in Channel Ten, 7:30PM every Wednesday and Thursday.

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