The Bachelorette Australia 2015 Winner Finally Revealed: Did Sam Just Made A Big Mistake?

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The Bachelorette Australia 2015 winner

Now that Australia?s first Bachelorette has made her choice, we can?t help but wonder ? did Sam Frost pick the right man?

New Zealand?s picture-perfect North Island served as the backdrop for the highly anticipated and teary finale. Dressed in an ethereal mermaid gown, Sam gave the final rose to 30-year old engineer Sasha Mielczarek and sent pro soccer player Michael Turnbull home.

Sam told Michael that he was a ?beautiful, beautiful soul? and was teary-eyed after telling him that he wasn?t the one. Michael was a gentleman ?til the end, saying ?It’s OK. Someone’s gonna get hurt. That’s just how this works. But I’d rather see me hurt than you. It’s OK.?

Sam then declared her blossoming love for Sasha, telling him that she has been waiting all her life to meet him. ?From the very first moment that I met you, I got a feeling that I’ve never felt before, and I can’t even describe it,’ Sam also said. ?’I used to be so nervous that I couldn’t even look you in the eye. Those feelings grew into so much more.?

Many have expressed their congratulations for Sam and Sasha?s fairytale ending but not everyone agrees with her choice, especially those who were rooting for Michael.

Fans of the show shared their joy and disappointment with Sam?s choice. Many commented on just how gracious Michael was and how heartbroken they are for him.

?Sasha seems like a nice bloke. But there was a lot of Michael pashing before she decided. Lol,? commented one fan named Salena Argar on the show?s official Facebook page. Pat Orman wrote a short letter addressed to Michael, saying ?My heart broke for you. It’s not nice being dumped on national TV – you handled it patiently.?It was a lesson not a blessing. I wish you all the best. I hope you’ll find your soulmate. She’s out there somewhere waiting for you.?Good luck in the future bro.?

?I wanted Michael to win ….. I think he was a better match! Gorgeous,? said Katrina Carmichael. There were evens suggestions for the athlete to come back as the next Bachelor, commenting with the hashtag ?#michaelforBachelor2016?.

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