The Bachelorette Australia 2015 Contestants And Prediction: We Know Who?s Getting Booted Next!

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The Bachelorette Australia 2015 contestants

If the last elimination is any indication, we?re pretty sure that this season?s Bachelorette Sam Frost is no shallow individual that should be taken lightly. David Witko was an early favorite because of his looks, add to the fact that he?s an international model ? but surprise! Sam already eliminated him in the last episode, and the model didn?t take it too lightly.

David was suddenly rude towards Sam, who was having a personal moment with the model?s co-love searchee, ex-football pro Michael and butted in a conversation. The intrusion didn?t sit well to our Bachelorette and decided he was out of the game.

According to site Mamamia, David dug his grave when he told Sam that he?s voicing out concerns of other men saying Michael has the advantage because he looks good, is a football player, and generally looks good ? subtly suggesting Sam is shallow. Boy was he wrong. The beautiful brunette rebuked: ?I think it?s absolute rubbish, that anyone would have this ?theory? that I care about materialistic bullshit. Which I don?t. At all. I am the last person on the planet that would date someone for their status. That is the most offensive thing anyone can say about me.?

And our favorite: ?If that?s what kind of person you think I am,? she said, ?then you can leave.? David then tried to save face and said he?s glad that he didn?t get a rose since Sam was quite quick to judge.

Who?s going home next?

So who do we believe is up for the next elimination? Surprise! We actually think it?s

going to be good guy Michael. So what?s prompting our bold prediction? Well we?re actually holding a flame for our Bachelorette and expecting she?s true to her word and flashiness won?t matter to her.

According to Mamamia, Mike?s claim to fame when it comes to his football career might not be entirely true, so there?s a big chance that this good looking contestant is just hamming things up to get noticed. And well, we don?t know about you but for us girls, when someone is dishonest, we tend to get turned off.

The Bachelorette Australia 2015 Contestants: Our favorites

So who do we want to stay in the mansion? We have a few names in mind thanks to some descriptions from Australia News. Some of those we like include:

  • Debonair Alex the Financial Consultant ? he really looks good in a suit.
  • Davey the Carpenter ? his dad loves Sam, so he?s probably in the right direction for choosing to be in the show.
  • Drew the cyclist ? a definite adventurer! He went on a looong cycling expedition without announcing it to the world. Someone this free-spirited is a plus for us
  • Richie, the competitive ? He doesn?t like losing, so we pretty much know he?d do anything for our Sam to keep her happy.
  • Michael ? Yeah, he?d probably eliminated next, but we can?t get over the fact on how adorable he is.

So who do you think will get eliminated? Sound off below!

The Bachelorette Australia 2015 is aired every Wednesday and Thursday, 7:30 p.m. in Channel 10.

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