The Bachelor US: Nick Viall As New Bachelor; Set To Bring Ratings Down?

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The Bachelor US

The Bachelor US is coming back to the small screen early next year with a familiar face in tow. Nick Viall, best known as ?the villain? on The Bachelorette Season 10 is set to try his luck for the third time on the show. As they say, third time?s a charm.

The Bachelor US: Nick Vial

Unfortunately, the show?s fans appear to be unhappy with the recent unexpected turn of events. Fans deem Nick?s third try an overkill and they want a new face on the screen.

The Bachelor US: Announcement Video

Viall, who?s already been the bachelor of season 21 is unanimously hated by the show?s fans. The announcement by The Bachelor?s official Facebook page was plagued with hate comments and criticism after posting the announcement video.

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In fact, various comments contained a negative outlook throughout the show?s current season. A lot of people stated that they won?t watch the current Season of The Bachelor US as they hate Viall.

The Bachelor US: Fans? Feedbacks

The Bachelor US

As one of the users said, ?Please god no more chances. Stop beating a dead horse, Nick. They really couldn?t get anyone else to the bachelor or pick someone brand new who has never been on the show??

It appears that not everyone hates the current season?s bachelor. It?s just that he?s been around too much and the show?s fans aren?t happy with it. On the other hand, one of the comments said, ?Not watching this season. Don?t care for Nick, he?s not even hot. SMH?.

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Obviously, not everyone shares the same outlook for a specific person. However, a lot of people agreed with what the comment implied above. Meanwhile, the third comment with the highest likes in the comment section says, ?Oh come one. This will actually be exciting and entertaining. Not boring and predictable like all the other ones!!?.

As can be seen, there?s still a little light for the show. Not everyone hates the current bachelor after all. However, the immense hate for Nick Viall will undoubtedly affect ratings of the current season.

The Bachelor US where Nick Viall?s third attempt to look for the girl of his dreams kicks off on Monday, January 2. For more of The Bachelor US, stay tuned to TheBitBag.

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