The Bachelor Australia: Richie The Next Bachelor? It Was Love For Sasha From The Start

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The Bachelorette Australia 2015 winner

Among all countries where the Bachelor franchise is shown, Australia has the most fortunate record of having most of their winners finding real love along the way. And it seems like the same can be said for Sam Frost and man of her dreams Sasha Mielczarek.

According to Daily Mail, Sasha declined joining the show at the start because of work commitments. But when he found out that Sam Frost is going to be the new season?s Bachelorette, he called reps of the show and asked if there?s still a spot available.

?I went on there for Sam and Sam only, it got to a point where I was like, “I am genuinely in love – I can’t handle her dating other,? he said before adding that at that point he considered leaving the show altogether.

The lucky guy then related how he went home to Bowral for a personal event, and told his mom, Kym on how he really felt for Sam.

She said, “You’ve never given up on anything your whole life; you’ll regret it if you walk away.”

So walk away he did not, and we all know how it ended. Sasha battled with Michael Turnbull for Sam?s heart and in the end, our girl chose him among 14 other worthy contestants. The two has been very happy ever since.

Richie the next bachelor?

Meanwhile, many are rooting for Richie Strahan to be the next bachelor. The hunky, and sweet second-runner up was a fan favorite for Sam?s heart, seeing how the two had several ?authentic? and real moments together. When Sam and Richie dressed up like an old couple, every viewers heart melted and Richie has been a favorite ever since. It seems he was the only who genuinely made Sam laugh.

According to People magazine, Sam has been lobbying for Richie to be the next Bachelor. Sam has described him as humble, intelligent, and gorgeous ? just the way we like our Bachelor!

So do you agree that Richie should be the next Bachelor? Sound off in the comments below.

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