The Bachelor Australia New Season: The Next Bachelor Revealed?

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The Bachelor New Season
Richie Strahan (Photo from News Corp Australia)

Sam Frost and Sasha Mielczarek are reported to be having the time of their lives since coming out as a couple in the last season of The Bachelorette Australia. This show is definitely close to everyone?s hearts as it is the only show that we know so far where courtship in front of public actually led to the great possibilities of true love.

With the end of a season, we also get a glimpse of the possible candidates of next season?s The Bachelor ? guys who ended up runner-ups in the heart of our Bachelorette.

In this case, we have actually have two blokes that we?re rooting to be next season?s Bachelor: Michael Turnbull and Richie Strahan. We?ve weighed the two on who should be looking for love next, and here?s our analysis:

Michael Turnbull

Michael, our first-runner up in Sam?s heart seems like the perfect guy. He?s handsome, he?s genuinely sweet, and a real gentleman. Even in the end, he was sweet enough to consider Sam?s feelings although obviously hurting himself, and simply uttered a simple ?It?s ok? to pacify the obviously distraught Sam.

Sam does great conversation ? he?s very witty, and the fact that he?s an athlete also doesn?t hurt.

Among last season?s searchers, Mike, who?s 34 seemed so ready to settle down, so we wouldn?t be surprised if he?d be more than willing to lay his heart on the line again to be the next Bachelor.

Richie Strahan

Viewer favorite Richie seems like the most obvious choice to become the next Bachelor. Richie is sweet and genuine ? a fact which seemed to endear Sam to him in the early episodes of The Bachelorette.

Richie is no TV personality, he is obviously not used to the limelight of being popular, so it?s just so endearing to watch him fall in love with Sam every night ? and honestly we hope to see more of that in the next season.

Among the two, Sam obviously wants Richie to find love next and have been very vocal as to who to choose.

When Sam and Richie dressed up like an old couple, every viewers heart melted and Richie has been a favorite ever since. It seems he was the only one who genuinely made Sam laugh.

According to People magazine, Sam has been lobbying for Richie to be the next Bachelor. Sam has described him as humble, intelligent, and gorgeous ? just the way we like our Bachelor!

And when he said in the end ?I really wanted to be that guy to show her how much I can really love a girl, to treat her like a princess,? we knew that many of the viewers will be rooting for him as well. And those arms ? yum!

So our verdict on who?s the next Bachelor? Richie!

Who do you think will search for love next?

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