The Bachelor Australia 2015 Winner Snezana And Sam Relationship In Trouble? Know The Details Why!

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The Bachelor Australia 2015 winner

Is the Bachelor Australia 2015 winner Snezana Markoski and Sam Wood the first couple in the famous AU series to break-up? We all know that Australia holds the unbeaten record of having successful couples weeks after a social experiment of pitting girls against each other to win the heart of a lone bachelor. But how true is it that the two might be headed for splitsville?

There?s no truth actually, and it seems the two?s relationship is as strong as ever. But what brought about the speculations of this even remotely happening? Here are a few theories:

Snezana and Sam relationship in trouble?

No matter how noble the idea that Sam is willing to spend a lifetime with the dusky beauty, the fact remains that most people are skeptical the relationship will ever work out because Snezana as we all know, is a single mom.

Not that there?s nothing wrong with that, but most people will probably assume that a guy looking for love in a house full of girls has extra commitment or family in mind.

This is probably why no one actually considered that Sam will ever choose the mom from Perth. But a video posted on Daily Mail UK showed that Sam seemed very sincere towards his affections for Snez? daughter, Eve.

Another reason we?re seeing is that there?s just too many photos of Sneza and Sam in quite intimate situations. Waking up beside a seemingly naked Sneza? Check. PDA?s? Check. As the site The Motherish points out, Sam is getting too clucky, perhaps for his own good?

And of course, one can?t dismiss the fact that Sneza is not ready to settle down with Sam even after being gifted with a $22,000 promise ring. She told New Weekly: ?I wouldn?t have known him for long enough and I think that would be something I would want to happen privately ? keep it between us,’ she said.

She went on to joke that it was a good thing Sam didn?t propose because that would have made for an awkward end to the show.

And our last theory that the relationship is doomed? Just too many d*mn couple selfies! Nothing is definitely not come out good from all that vanity.

Who are we kidding, these two are made for each other and we wish them a happy life together!

The Bachelor Australia is aired exclusively by Channel Ten.

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