The Bachelor Australia 2015 Winner: Ending Leaked Through Botched Promo Ad? Guess Who Won!

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The Bachelor Australia 2015 Winner

We?re only a few moments?away from knowing who between Lana Jeavons-Fellows and Snezana Markoski stole the heart of this year?s bachelor, Sam Wood, but it seems that the excitement has been pre-empted. And it?s no thanks to a botch promo video aired moments before the second to the last episode when Sarah Mackay was eliminated.

The clip, clearly showed the last remaining girls holding the final roses ? a bummer for Sarah who already looked awkward looking at fine china during her last date with Sam. Although we can clearly say that the date was headed for doom, we have to admit that we?re having fun trying to figure out who among the last two girls Sam would spend the rest of his life with. Supposedly.

Lana for the win?

In our past few stories, we speculated that Sam will obviously choose big-eyed Lana. In one of the episodes, it can be remembered that Sam admitted that he can see a future with her. And who can forget one of their first dates alone?

According to the Daily Mail, During Sam and Lana?s date in a beach-side destination, the bachelor was definitely smitten by the brunette beauty. In fact, no less than English crooner Jamie Lawson serenaded the two as they enjoyed a romantic slow dance ? and if rumors are true, the two seemed to have forgotten that they have an audience with them. True love? Maybe.

The two also went on a parasailing adventure and had a really great time together. Most of the date, Sam can?t keep his eyes off Lana, even telling her ?You have such beautiful eyes.?

Lana described the experience as special. ‘It was special, it was like nothing I’d ever experienced before… I had butterflies,’ Lana tells the camera in the episode preview clip. The chemistry between the two was undeniable and viewers know that there?s a definite spark between them the moment Lana came in the house.

The Bachelor Australia 2015 Winner: Snezana?

And we also can?t ignore single mom Snezana. Although Lana seems like the hands down winner, there are now reports saying that it?s actually Snezana who ended up with Sam.

In an article released by Daily Mail, Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski were spotted jetting into Sydney Airport on Wednesday night just minutes apart. According to the story, the pair is gearing up for a promotional trail together following the announcement that he has given the Perth single mum-of-one his final rose.

We tried to look at her fingers for any sign, specially after reports went around Social Media that the Sam already married the girl of his dreams. Yeah no ring there yet.

Anyway, to know who will end-up with our Australian Bachelor, find out during the Finale airing this Thursday at 7:30PM on Channel Ten.

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