The Bachelor Australia 2015 Winner: Did Sam Wood Just Married Lana Jeavons-Fellows? Telling Ring Might Reveal A Secret!

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The Bachelor Australia 2015 Winner

A buzzing rumor is travelling around The Bachelor Australia 2015 stars ? Sam Wood has not just chosen the girl for him, he put a ring on it! With whom you say? Read on for the evidence:

Sam Married Lana?

If recent photos are to be believed, The Bachelor intruder Lana Jeavons-Fellows is wearing a rather suspicious rock on her finger! In an Instagram post, Lana was shown having a night out with the girls, and one photo shows her holding a glass with a rose ? was she referring to herself as the final rose of the show?

But wait, there?s more: Looking closely at her photos, there?s also a suspicious looking ring on her finger! A wedding ring perhaps?

The Motherish however, said that Lana has been wearing the ring for quite some time now, and a closer look at her photos show that she MIGHT have worn it before. But we all don?t want to believe that so moving on to the next evidence.

There?s a big chance that Sam Wood has really gotten married during a family getaway in Byron Bay, and that he can?t wait for the show to be over so he can announce the girl of his dreams.

It can be seen in the latest promotional teaser that Sam was looking intently at a ring-sized jewelry box, so it can be contemplated that he?s serious about settling down. According to NW Magazine, the Bachelor was heard saying that he already knows who he wants to be with so why wait?

Well it seems 3 months to hide his love affair is just too long for the fit bachelor, and so he already said his ?I do? and has tried to keep the relationship under wraps.

Who did he choose? Among the three, Sarah Mackay, Snezana Markoski and Lana, we?re placing our bet still on Lana.

The Bachelor Australia 2015 Winner Spoilers

In one of the episodes, it can be remembered that Sam admitted that he can see a future with her. And who can forget one of their first dates alone?

According to the Daily Mail, During Sam and Lana?s date in a beach-side destination, the bachelor was definitely smitten by the brunette beauty. In fact, no less than English crooner Jamie Lawson serenaded the two as they enjoyed a romantic slow dance ? and if rumors are true, the two seemed to have forgotten that they have an audience with them. True love? Maybe.

The two also went on a parasailing adventure and had a really great time together. Most of the date, Sam can?t keep his eyes off Lana, even telling her ?You have such beautiful eyes.?

Lana described the experience as special. ‘It was special, it was like nothing I’d ever experienced before… I had butterflies,’ Lana tells the camera in the episode preview clip. The chemistry between the two was undeniable and viewers know that there?s a definite spark between them the moment Lana came in the house.

‘I wish you’d arrived on the first night’:?The romantic moment comes after Lana and Sam enjoyed some intimate one-on-one time.

So do we have a clear winner? Find out during the Finale airing this Thursday at 7:30PM on Channel Ten.

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