The Bachelor Australia 2015 Winner Confirmed? Surprise! It?s Not Lana! New McDonald?s Ad Points To A Telling Clue!

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The Bachelor Australia 2015 winner

So we?re about to see another episode of The Bachelor Australia 2015, and we are left wondering who among the five women left is lucky enough to be the last girl standing in Sam Wood?s heart. In our last story, we figured wide-eyed Lana is the right girl for dear old Bachie, considering the electricity the two shared during their last one-on-one date.

Smitten doesn?t even begin to capture the giddiness and admiration of Sam towards intruder Lana, who went in later in the show, much to the chagrin of other hopefuls.

In fact, the latest bachelor hopeful came in so strong that she was able to go on a solo date last Wednesday even after spending some extra time with the personal trainer following the dinner-in-the dark group date.

Sam Falling For Lana?

According to the Daily Mail, During Sam and Lana?s date in a beach-side destination, the bachelor was definitely smitten by the brunette beauty. In fact, no less than English crooner Jamie Lawson serenaded the two as they enjoyed a romantic slow dance ? and if rumors are true, the two seemed to have forgotten that they have an audience with them. True love? Maybe.

The two also went on a parasailing adventure and had a really great time together. Most of the date, Sam can?t keep his eyes off Lana, even telling her ?You have such beautiful eyes.?

The Bachelor Australia 2015 Winner Confirmed? Surprise! It?s Not Lana!

While we were pretty sure Lana already has a stake on Bachie Wood?s heart, we actually think it?s Lana?s BFF, Heather Maltman who?s won the bachelor?s love! Here are our clues:

  • Heather and Lana share the same bubbly personality, so it won?t be a surprise if Sam gets ?confused? on who among the two he likes most
  • Sam confessed to Heather that he has kissed other girls on the show ? a fact that guys won?t tell girls they are not interested with in the first place during a radio interview.
  • Most telling of all: In a new McDonald?s ad which starred Heather, we see her winning the burger chain?s Monopoly game, a? wait for it? 1 in 5 chance of ever happening according to McDonald?s. If we?re gullible enough to believe it (which I am), we see it as subtly comparing to Heather and the 4 other girls left to win Sam?s Heart ? and she wins this one! To watch the video, click here.

Add that to the fact that the commercial was shot in July according to News AU, a time when the season just wrapped up filming. And we interpret it in a way that where endorsements go, we say that only the winning lady can get this much exposure.

So do you think Heather won in love this time?

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