The Bachelor Australia 2015 Winner Already Revealed? Sam Wood Falling For Lana Jeavons-Fellows? Last Date Details Seem To Confirm (Spoiler Alert)!

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The Bachelor Australia 2015 Winner

If the recent one-on-one date between Bachelor hopeful Lana Jeavons-Fellows and Sam Wood is any indication, then we?re clearly seeing the winner of this season?s The Bachelor Australia 2015.

Smitten doesn?t even begin to capture the giddiness and admiration of Sam towards intruder Lana, who went in later in the show, much to the chagrin of other hopefuls.

In fact, the latest bachelor hopeful came in so strong that she was able to go on a solo date last Wednesday even after spending some extra time with the personal trainer following the dinner-in-the dark group date.

The Bachelor Australia 2015 Winner: Sam Falling For Lana?

According to the Daily Mail, During Sam and Lana?s date in a beach-side destination, the bachelor was definitely smitten by the brunette beauty. In fact, no less than English crooner Jamie Lawson serenaded the two as they enjoyed a romantic slow dance ? and if rumors are true, the two seemed to have forgotten that they have an audience with them. True love? Maybe.

The two also went on a parasailing adventure and had a really great time together. Most of the date, Sam can?t keep his eyes off Lana, even telling her ?You have such beautiful eyes.?

Lana described the experience as special. ‘It was special, it was like nothing I’d ever experienced before… I had butterflies,’ Lana tells the camera in the episode preview clip. The chemistry between the two was undeniable and viewers know that there?s a definite spark between them the moment Lana came in the house.

‘I wish you’d arrived on the first night’:?The romantic moment comes after Lana and Sam enjoyed some intimate one-on-one time of the couch on last Thursday’s episode.


Aside from Lana, another Bachelor hopeful, Heather is also seen as a possible winner of the show. A few days ago, News AU reported that aspiring filmmaker Heather may have accidentally told the world during a radio interview that she snagged the final rose from Sam.

During a chat with Monty and Zoe on the 3pm pick-up on KIIS, Heather let slip that she had found a friend ?as well as a partner? in Sam. While the comment went over the host?s heads, it was picked up by fans who think she may have given away more than she should have.

?We did have a little bit of time just the two of us which was really nice,? Heather told the radio duo, ?and at the end of the day it shows we have an incredible friendship the two of us and that was a part of, I guess, my experience with Sam that I?ve enjoyed the most. The fact that I made an incredible friend as well as a partner.? Heather?s use of the word ?partner? has fans in a frenzy.

However, other speculations show that Heather might be an actress thrown in to the pond to ?cover? the obvious romance brewing between Sam and Lana! Heather and Lana are considered to be close friends in the show.

So do you think we?re seeing a clear winner already? Find out more in The Bachelor Australia!

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