?The Bachelor Australia 2015′ Exposed: Love Hopeful ?Emily Simms? Tells All In Social Media Rant

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The Bachelor Australia 2015 exposed

Surprise! Not everything you see on television is real, that even ?reality show? The Bachelor has some secrets to tell. At least, as far as love hopeful, and scorned lover, Emily Simms is concerned.

In a tell-it-all post via Instagram, the love hopeful, who is competing for the attention of Sam Wood against 19 other hopefuls, vented her frustration over social media of the unfair treatment she?s getting when it comes to how the television show is portraying her.

The Bachelor Australia 2015 Exposed

The Bachelor Australia 2015 exposed

According to the 31 year old. ?I am going to do something I have been told not to do by people in the biz, and that is to be honest about how I feel. I always did it on the show, so I say, why stop now? I have always been very honest, ever since the moment I could speak. I could not be fake if I tried. I have one face, not two,? she wrote next to a picture of herself in a rather radiant evening gown.

?I have been in tears tonight, not because of the nasty things social media trolls are saying (I wonder if any of you would be brave enough to say it to my face?), but because I am a very sensitive, kind and loving person.?


According to News.com.au, the love hopeful laments the fact the show is only showing that she is a very hateful girl specially when it comes to fellow contestant, Heather. ?Soooo many hours of footage, and all they choose to show of me is that I found Heather annoying. I am so grateful for the amazing friendships?

Other shows also exposed

On the other hand, other ?reality shows? were also scrutinized for portraying the wrong scenes in their shows. Cooking competitions like Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules for example are actually full of cut and edited scenes that involve raw chicken, inedible food, and spray-painted dishes that make things look good on television.

Can never be cruel

But going back to the beautiful ranter, she also related that she?s been bullied in school, so she knows how it feels when other people are humiliated so she can never be that cruel.

?I could never be cruel to another person. I am nothing like a bitch. Reality shows decide the ?characters? for each of us before they even start filming. This is well known about reality TV. So for my funny, joking, laughing at myself, silly side, to not be shown at all, is really very upsetting to me.?

Mama Mia on the other hand, shared that Simms thinks the world is full of ?nasty, unintelligent people.?

?What a sad world we live in. If you think you know me, and think I am a ?bitch?, based on how a reality show is edited, then please, look at the top of your screen and click ?unfollow?. #hatersgonnahate thank you so much to all of the beautiful messages I?ve received over the past few weeks. #love.?

Nah. We don?t think she?s doing this all just to get attention.

We don’t think that at all.

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