The Bachelor 2016 Winner: The Final Choice Will Surprise You!

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“The Bachelor 2016” is finally coming to an end as Ben Higgins decides and tell the world who he?s really in love with. It?s a close competition between JoJo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell, but who will Higgins choose to spend the rest of his live with?

JoJo Fletcher is considered to be ?one of the more quiet contestants? and it was surprising to see that she was able to come this far with just a brief kind of drama, according to Inquisitr. But it seems like JoJo wasn?t able to give Higgins a lasting impression because rumors are pointing to the bachelor choosing Lauren Bushnell.

A lot of fans on social media have been rooting for JoJo to be picked by the bachelor but reports have indicated that Higgins have already chosen Lauren and that he is already engaged to her, Inquisitr reported.


Even Amanda Stanton revealed that she has a hunch about Ben choosing Lauren, Glamour shared. In an interview with Glamour Celebs, Amanda talks about her experience with the show and that ?she thinks Ben might pick her close companion Lauren. ?I?m biased because I?m best friends with Lauren B., so I kind of always had this weird feeling it was going to be Lauren,? she said.

?I could just tell that when Ben came into the room, they just had something really special. So I think that being so close with her and seeing what I saw in the house, I would have to go with Lauren. But they are both amazing girls. I love JoJo. She?s so much fun. They?re both so great.?

Fans are still hoping that the bachelor chooses JoJo but it looks like the rumors floating around about Ben Higgins already engaged with Lauren might already be true. Nevertheless, find out what happens in the season finale of the Bachelor on March 14th.

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