The Bachelor 2016 Winner: Ben Higgins Proposes To [SPOILER], Breaks [SPOILER]? Heart

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The Bachelor 2016 Season 20

The Bachelor 2016 Season 20 was one of the most intense seasons yet with our bachelor saying ?I love you? to two women a week before the finale. And now it all goes down to Ben Higgins? final choice and he chose the woman of his dreams: Lauren B!

From the very first time Ben saw Lauren, he already fell in love with her. And on their first solo date, he knew that she was truly special, ABC writes. They immediately had a strong connection and Ben even thought that she was too good for him and that their relationship was ?too good to be true.?

Ben fell for Lauren B but he also fell in love with Jojo Fletcher who was the winner for Ben?s mom. In the finale, Ben introduced the two women separately to his parents. First was Lauren, Hollywood Life reports, and Ben?s dad told her that he saw ?a twinkle in his eye.? Lauren wasn?t shy at all and told Ben?s dad that she was in love with his son and is ready to get married. However, his mom was a bit concerned with the fact that their son told them that he is in love with both women. And after their meeting, she told Ben?s parents that she?s so ready to get engaged.

Next was Jojo who told Ben?s dad that he was the man she had been looking for. Jojo won overall for Ben?s mom but afterwards, Ben told her that he?s not yet sure if a proposal will be the right move right now.

After meeting the parents, next were the final dates. The date with Lauren, according to Hollywood Life, was a bit slow. Ben was worried about Lauren being too good to be true because he thought real life wasn?t like that. He became hesitant with Lauren and in the evening, she also felt worried about their relationship.

With Jojo, the chemistry was there. They made out after jumping from the waterfall and then talked about something serious like their long distance relationship. Jojo assured him that she would do anything to make it work, but Ben seemed hesitant about it which broke Jojo?s heart.

Though Ben said that his feelings for Jojo was ?deeper than anything I?ve ever felt? and that she became his ?best friend? after just two months. But Jojo was just left confused because if she truly was a best friend to him then he would be able to tell her everything. And then he did, but it just broke both their hearts and probably everyone rooting for Jojo because Ben admitted that he loves both women. But the good thing was, Ben was more honest to her than Lauren.

As much as most people (including Ben?s mom!) wanted Ben to choose Jojo, he still chose Lauren in the end. He turned Jojo down and she got mad, of course, and heartbroken, but she still was mature enough to say, ?I?m happy for you.?

So Ben chose Lauren, the woman who was ?too good to be true,? the woman whom he fell in love with at first sight. He went down on one knee and proposed to her and seemed really happy. And of course, Lauren said yes. She had been waiting for that moment for so long.

So do you think Ben made the right decision in choosing Lauren B?

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