?The Bachelor 2016? Runner Up JoJo Fletcher is the Next Bachelorette?

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Finding true love can be one difficult task. Just ask anyone, and they will probably tell you that they have had their heart broken by someone. Sometimes, it can take a long time to get over it. Well, for JoJo Fletcher, it appears that the heartbreak from not being chosen by Ben Higgins in ?The Bachelor 2016 finale? won?t hurt for too long as the Dallas native has just been casted as the next Bachelorette.

According to a report from Entertainment Tonight, ABC has selected JoJo to be the next Bachelorette looking for true love among horde of handsome young bachelors. According to the same report, the choice to make JoJo as the next Bachelorette was a last-minute decision.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that initially half-Caucasian, half-Filipino Caila Quinn was rumored to be the next Bachelorette, but it seems that JoJo edged her out for the spot. According to the Entertainment Tonight report, JoJo and Caila actually filmed their Bachelorette intros. However, eventually, the producers decided to give the role to the former.

While ABC did not really go into detail on why they chose JoJo over Caila, one thing that could?ve probably influenced their decision was what happened during The Bachelor 2016 finale. If you can remember, Ben Higgins told JoJo that he loved her before ultimately proposing to Lauren Bushnell.

Fans of the show really felt bad for JoJo, and many felt that she deserved better. Well, the producers of the show probably agreed, which is why the Southern belle will be the one making the decision this time around.

Is JoJo already over Ben Higgins and with what happened in the controversial The Bachelor 2016 finale? Will she finally be able to find true love as the new Bachelorette? The answers to these questions will likely be revealed when ?The Bachelorette? returns on May 23rd.

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