The Apprentice UK Update And Spoilers: Guess Who Got Axed In The Not So ?Happily Ever After? Episode, Show Irritates Piers Morgan!

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This week on The Apprentice proved to be a test on creativity and patience as both teams were tasked with producing and illustrating a book for children aged between three and five. Aside from the book, there should be an audio CD to go along with the printed version.

According to Express, team Versatile settled for a story about a bee looking for honey, while Connexus opted for a bizarre tale about a dragon-elephant hybrid called the Snottledink.

The two teams headed back to the boardroom for the final sales figures and verdicts on their children’s books.p

Commenting on the Snottledink, the 68-year-old AMSTRAD magnate told the candidates: “I got a note from Karren saying that the main character lives in isolation until society learns to live with it, it sounds like the biography of Piers Morgan.”

The swipe made the others laugh but it seems that the 50-year-old former Britain’s Got Talent judge was less than impressed by the remark.

The chat show host shared the quote with his 4.6 million Twitter followers and wrote: “Oh ho ho bloody ho.” His sparring partner Lord Sugar was also active on the social media platform and posted a link to the dig along with the words: “One of the best quotes of the night.”

However, in the boardroom, the results were announced. Team Connexus ? Project Managed by Sam with Brett, Elle, Gary, Natalie, Scott and Selina sold 205 books for total sales of ?587.25, reported?Telly Mix.

Team Versatile ? Projected Managed by Charleine with April, David, Joseph, Mergim, Richard and Vana sold 210 books for total sales ?690.10

Therefore, Team Versatile won the task by selling the mos and went to a private members club, where award-winning magician Ben Hanlin shows off some tricks.

However L0rd Sugar?remarked to the losing team: ?This process of course is not a children?s story, one of you will not be living happily ever after by the time we?re finished today.?

After his team’s defeat, Sam brought back Natalie and Brett into the boardroom after which Natalie was fired.

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