?The Americans? Season 4 Spoilers: Stan Betrays Elizabeth

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?The Americans? Season 4 trailers and promos that have been released by the creators suggest a lot about the way the storyline would move further.

In one of the promos, Stan (Noah Emmerich) is seen furious and confronts Philip (Matthew Rhys) and Paige (Holly Taylor). Stan also confesses about the betrayal to Elizabeth (Keri Russell).

In ?The Americans? Season 4, viewers would love to see a meeting taking place, and Gabriel (Frank Langella) and Claudia (Margo Martindale) would discuss important things. They would talk about sending agents back to Russia. According to TV Series Finale, the FX TV series depicts KGB spying Elizabeth and Philip who pretend to be Americans. Philip is tied into a fraudulent matrimonial alliance with Martha Hanson (Alison Wright) so that he could extract some information out of her.

Viewers would see that Philip and Elizabeth develop a stronger bond with each other. They know now how much they both matter to each other. In Season 3, viewers saw Paige had disclosed to the pastor a secret of her parents. Grapevine is Season 4 would show its outcome.

Viewers undoubtedly have mixed feelings for the Jennings in FX TV series, ?The Americans?. They surely want to know what will happen to them in ?The Americans? Season 4. At times, viewers have always wanted the Jennings to get caught; and there had also been moments in the story which made them feel protective about them.

Viewers know that though Russian spies are enemies of America, they are aware that they are human too and are lovable enough. According to IndieWire, the spies managed to create soft feelings for themselves in the hearts of viewers. The spoilers indicate that in the upcoming season, their secret identities are at risk more than ever before.

?The Americans? Season 4 will make a comeback on March 16 at 10:00pm ET/PT, on FX.

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