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The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Unlimited XP, Costumes and Easy Achievements for XBOX, PS3/PS4, Wii U and PC

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Playing Amazing Spider-Man 2 can be easy if you know the ways on how to get infinite experience which will lead you to more costumes and obtain several achievements along the way.

Unlimited Experience

Load the mission ?Raid on Oscorp” and proceed throughout the mission till you leave the air vents and let the cut-scene initiate. Now hold ?Back? to skip the cut-scene, kill four enemies in stealth and dispose the last opponent if you want.

After you?ve eliminated the final enemy, pause the game, then select ?restart? option and confirm it by selecting ?yes.? It will restart from the last checkpoint to where you leave the air vents. Repeat, till you achieve the level you desire.

Bonus Costumes

For every successful completion of the indicated tasks below, you will unlock the corresponding costume which is available in Peter Parker?s closet in Aunt May?s home.

-????????? Main Campaign: Amazing Spider-Man 2012 and 2014, Vigilante

-????????? Clear one Russian hideout: Big Time, Flipside, Scarlet Spider 2012, Spider Amour MK 2, Spider-Man 2009

-????????? GameStop pre-order bonus: Cosmic Spider-Man, Iron Spider Armour, Noir Spider-Man

-????????? PlayStation Network DLC: Electro-Proof

-????????? Complete all 15 race challenges: Hornet

-????????? Unlocked via Story mode progress: Ricochet

-????????? Complete all 12 combat challenges: Superior Spider-Man

-????????? Complete chapter 6: Ultimate Spider-Man

Easy Achievements

  1. Aerial Break: An encounter with an armoured enemy will occur shortly after ?The Kingpin of Crime? starts. Disable the enemy?s armour by pressing B in Xbox until all the yellow heavy armour disappears, and then follow an attack using the standard Web-Strike.
  2. Friendly Fire: During the Carnage Boss battle under the ?Maximum Carnage? mission, you need to activate levers around the room to release “flame burst”. In the second half of the boss fight after Cletus Kasady turns into Carnage, stand under the levers and wait for Carnage to get close to you. Now press LB in Xbox to pull the levels and when Carnage jumps up to the wall, activate all levers in the room and hit him with Seismic Blast. Doing this three times will reward you this achievement.
  3. I?m On A Roll!: During your combat challenges at the arcade machine in Stan?s Comic Bookstore, hit a combo streak of 42 on the last remaining enemy using Web-Strike attack.
  4. Sneaky: Go to the far south hideout of the five Russian Hideouts in the game. Use Web-Rush to the ceiling and you should be able to see a container with a new suit below. Defeat the nearby guards then go the container to complete, but you must make sure that the awareness level remains zero to get this achievement.

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