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The 6th in The Elder Scrolls Series: How to Blow Away Skyrim

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It seems that there?s no game that?s more genre-defining than 2011?s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Bethesda has clearly outdone themselves with this open-environment, open-ended single-player that details a world in turmoil. Aside from the backstory of a vicious civil war gripping a land already on the verge of collapse, it combines three or four great villains and backstories to ensure hours upon hours of non-stop playability.

However, the trouble with making a genre-defining game is simply that it is so hard to follow-up. It?s been a good three years since The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim came out, and so far, Bethesda has not done anything to shore up an announcement for a follow-up. The most they had ever done was tackle Fallout 3: New Vegas and make teasers for a Fallout 4 follow-up. They might?ve seemingly shot themselves in the foot, because as true as the saying ?you?re only as good as your last work? is, Skyrim is very good; and it?s really hard to follow up a game this good.

However, consider this: between the development of The Elder Scrolls III and IV, there were four years. And for Skyrim, the development gap was five years from the release of The Elder Scrolls IV. So it appears there?s no need to push the panic button on when we?ll get to see The Elder Scrolls VI as it should possibly be, by now, halfway through development. No official releases have since leaked out, but then, by logic, it seems that Skyrim should have a little brother in about two or three more years.

However, one thing that can potentially give us something to dwell on in Skyrim would be the most logical thing Bethesda could look at on hints on how to improve the game: mods.

Some of you might scoff at it since there are a lot of mods available at any time on the Net. There are many?kinds of mod that you can use in the game. Some of them are seriously made mods, however, …. mods that put Mario?s World in Skyrim? How about a Thomas the Tank Engine as the World Eater, or a Zoidberg mudcrab? Oh, and did you see how Randy Savage did a good job of replacing Alduin? ?These are real creative mods, but they?re not next engine material, nor ones that Bethesda should take seriously, unless they want to create a Skyrim bloopers edition, just for laughs.

No, what we?re talking about here is serious mods. How about that one mod that makes conversation more serious than seriously funny? Oh, and the animations can take a page out of the mods that make damage and ragdoll animations more realistic (e.g., not just flying through the air, but one that shows characters trying to save themselves). In Skyrim?s a fantasy world, while they let us ride on dragons per the Dragonborn DLC, there are an entire host of creatures that can potentially become beasts of burden for the player. Oh, and let?s not get started on the load times.

While development is still reportedly ongoing, and with no definite news about the 6th Elder Scrolls, these are some ideas Bethesda might try and take a look at. Who knows, maybe The Elder Scrolls VI might become truly a game for gamers and by gamers.

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