The 5 Best RPGs to Have Ever Existed

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Any serious gamer would never shirk away from anything that looks like it could provide a good role-play experience. Role-playing games provides you with an avenue to do as you were when you were a kid, which you can?t do when you?re all grown up. Remember that time when you played with your G.I Joe or your Barbie and you made up stories for them, with you taking on the role of your toy? Well, in gaming, this is the purpose of role-playing games. You take on the role of your character (usually nameless or, in some case, you pick out their characterization) as you embark on a journey, adventure, or quest in the made-for-PC environment you walk around.

Role-playing games are made fun by this element of playing your character?s role to the hilt. Some aren?t as fun as others, but it really depends on whether you?re immersed in the story?another element that good RPGs should contain. Some stories are so-so, while others are meticulously crafted and well-made.

There are a lot of RPGs out there, both old and new, and each of them has had a definite mark in the niche. Here are five of them which aim to become the top RPG of all time. You decide for yourself which is which for you.


Mass Effect 2

In a role-playing perspective, Mass Effect 2 dwells on character stories just a little more to give you one effective mix of gameplay and roleplaying. Back in the first Mass Effect game, we were treated to something that looked and felt like Star Wars KOTOR, one of BioWare?s own creations. However, they tweaked that in the second Mass Effect, and we waited with baited breath to see if their focus on the shooting mechanics worked. It turns out, that was for the better. This lets you focus on the more important thing: optional Loyalty missions for your team, which told the back story of each effectively, and further helped in the experience of immersion.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The open-environment approach of this game has helped a lot in including it in this list. It?s so open, you can just flip a coin as to where you will go, and almost certainly, you will bump into some quest, dragon, or adventure waiting for you. Speak to an NPC, and he might just give you a quest to find some powerful relic. Go to a town and you?re most certain to be sent on a quest in a far-away dungeon. It?s these types of quests that enhance role-playing further. And if you?re looking for a new quest after all the old ones have been done, there?s one word you need to remember: mods.


Fallout 2

If you?re not familiar with the Fallout series, it is recommended that you start with this one. It takes a darker and serious approach to the morality-bending situation the Fallout survivors often find themselves in. And as someone who?s never lived in a vault your whole life (you start as a member of a tribe in the wastelands), twisting other people?s expectations gets even darker, considering you?ve got head-start knowledge of the world you currently live in.


Baldur?s Gate 2

As a role-playing game that is quite literally Advanced Dungeons and Dragons in a computer, this game is something that should be paid due attention to. Different quests and content can take your time and the library of this game is quite extensive. Add to that the handling of the game by BioWare?s Infinity Engine, and we?ve got a real quest on our hands. If you?ve never even heard of Dungeons and Dragons in the first place, Baldur?s Gate 2 provides a pretty accurate experience for you.


Planetscape: Torment

This game just takes the immersion to role-play very seriously. You?ve got all your staple characters here: a pyromaniac mage who is loyal to your character; another one who swore an oath of unbending loyalty; a cleric that is lawfully evil; and a floating skull who?s chaotic good, at best. These are terms you?d mostly encounter on a tabletop like Dungeons and Dragons, which makes this game a very good game to pick up, if you?re just starting out on RPGs.

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