The Bachelor NZ 2017 Winner Predictions: Here’s Why This Bachelorette Will Be This Season’s Winner

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The Bachelor NZ 2017 Winner

If you’ve been following the show, you must have noticed by now that there’s one particular bachelorette stealing Zac’s attention the most. From the opening episode until the recent ones, she has proven her strong chemistry with the 28-year-old bachelor, growing on fans at the same time. Ring any bells? We’re talking about Viarni Bright.

For those who do not know, Viarni is a national account manager for a boutique homewares company in Auckland. In her bio, she describes herself as a super laid-back woman who is the happiest when around people.  When she was 13, she reportedly had a taste of fame when she won a nationwide magazine model search which led to numerous other opportunities including being invited to an after party with Justin Bieber.

To be fair, each of the ladies in the competition has a competitive edge and until the show finishes airing on TV, we cannot know for sure who the lucky lady would be. But the 22-year-old Mount Maunganui-native seems to be the most viable choice for Zac among the group so far.

Four-Time Rose Recipient

As mentioned earlier, she already received a rose four times, including the first impression one. We can recall Viarni bagged one during a date on Episode 4 when she stole Bel’s single date with her white rose from the first cocktail party and another on Episode 9 when they shared a sweet kiss. Zac also gave her one outside a date on the 6th episode and we can totally see why.

Shared Interest

If there’s anything we know about Zac, it’s that he loves the outdoors and is thirty for adventures. He’s a sportsman and he’s looking for a girl who is just as active, if not more, as he is. Sure enough, Viarni shares this interest. Growing up in Mount Maunganui, the lady loves being at the beach – whether it’s sunbathing or kiteboarding or swimming. She says her friends call her “outgoing, caring, friendly and a clown”the first three of which are included in the bachelor’s personality checklist for his ideal partner.

“I’m after someone who’s independent, social, amiable and caringsomeone with a kind heart and who likes to keep fit and active,” Zac shares, per his bio. “I’d like someone who is passionate with a bit of drive and ambition.” This is probably why they both clicked.

Instagram Snub

While this all but confirms anything, Zac may have what others believe was a hint of The Bachelor NZ 2017 winner on his Instagram account. Eagle-eyed fans recently Viarni’s absence from the list of people the bachelor follows which is suspicious for a pair having a strong connection. A previous The BitBag report noted  Franich has only been following Steph, Katey, Lily, Sarah, Lucia, Molly, Taylar, Ally, Claudia, Rosie, and Sophie, although Hannah was missing from the list too.

This sparked speculations about the two absent ladies being Zac’s last two picks for this season. But since Viarni is the frontrunner, all bets are that it’s a careful cover up so as not to spoil the show’s ending.

Then again, there’s still a few more episodes left in the show so there’s still a chance that the tables would turn. After all, it’s a reality show so we should expect the unexpected. Plus, as we said earlier, the rest of the ladies have their respective advantage so we’ll never really know.

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