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That’s So Raven Spin Off: Meet the Cast, Raven’s Kids

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That?s So Raven spin off is officially confirmed by Disney. In fact, the much awaited spin off is already in the works. Get to meet Raven’s kids!


Nia has psychic visions that eventually make her life complicated. Based on her character?s description, Nia is bold, confident and driven. She?s the type who would usually find herself ?in over her head?. This means Nia is just like her mother.

Perhaps one of the best traits of Nia is her willingness to help people. She does what is right, even if gets her into trouble.


Booker is Raven?s youngest child. Unsurprisingly, he is a mama?s boy. Casting directors described him as a ?true innocent who is in no rush to grow up.? It seems this role is meant to be like a young Donald Glover. ?

Even if he is naive, ?he?s surprisingly adept at turning the tables and standing up for himself.? That is specifically when he senses that something shady is about to happen.

According to a report, the That?s So Raven?s spin-off is currently in its casting stage. Fans are undeniably excited for it, even Raven Symon? herself. She recently posted a photo on Instagram and it got her fans all kinds of hyped for her return to the Disney Channel.

On Instagram, Symon? posted a photo of herself, with a cake that says Welcome Home Raven. Check out her post below.

That?s So Raven ended in 2007. Fans are indeed very happy to know that Disney has decided to bring the series back.

The spin-off follows the life of Raven Baxter as an adult. She is divorced and has two children. Based on the descriptions of her kids, they seem so cool. Could they be cooler than their mama?

For more news about the That?s So Raven spin-off, keep it here at TheBitbag.

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