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Now everyone can land a high-paying software development and data analyst job

Enough of those “key in the next few commands to fill in the puzzle and we’ll advance you” kind of tutorials. Roll up your sleeves and get to work on solving practical programming assignments.

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If you are a lurker on LinkedIn or any platforms that offer job opportunities, chances are you have seen programmer jobs with high-pay grades. And if you are wondering how you can upskill to get these jobs, you might want to look at Job Ready Programmer.

Job Ready Programmer is an online programming school that preps students to become professional software developers and data analysts with real-world programming courses, even without a computer science background.

Imtiaz Ahmad, the founder of this website, has Udemy courses with over 4.5 ratings from more than 5 thousand students. He does not only offer programming lessons that work, but he commits to provide you a job by introducing you to his vast network of hiring companies once you finish the course and pass a series of tests.