Texas Rangers Prince Fielder Unfit To Play Ever But Will Still Get Paid This Much Through 2020

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After nearly 12 years of playing in the Major League Baseball, it seems like the career of Texas Rangers Prince Fielder is already at its conclusion as recent reports revealed that his doctors would not allow him to play the sport again due to his neck injury. However, it was also noted that he will still be paid annually through 2020.

According to reports, there three insiders who confirmed the rumor that Fielder?s career is done because of a pair of disk herniations in his neck. Also, an official announcement will be made Wednesday afternoon in Arlington, where Fielder is expected to address the decision personally.

In addition, the Rangers hitter is going to be declared ?medically disabled,? as doctors will not clear him to return to baseball. Now, as a result of that decision from the experts, Fielder is not considered as a retired player so the team still has to pay him with the amount he signed on his contract.

Speaking of, reports revealed that Texas Rangers should pay Prince Fielder $24M annually until 2020. However, they are only responsible for $9M of it as Detroit Tigers, who traded Fielder to Rangers back in 2013, will give $6M per year. Meanwhile, the remaining $9M is going to come from insurance. For four years, the Rangers hitter is expected to receive at least $96 million.

It can be recalled that the current contract of Fielder was signed in 2012 when he was still a member of the Tigers. That is the exact reason why the squad is still responsible for the hitter even after they have traded Fielder to the Rangers three years ago.

Fielder was drafted back in 2002 by the Milwaukee Brewers, where he also started his Major League Baseball career in 2005. He played as a Brewer for 6 years before being traded to the Tigers. After two short years with Detroit, he was then moved to the Rangers in November 2013 in exchange for Ian Kinsler.

Back in May 2014, Fielder had his first neck surgery. He came back in the 2015 season, where he recorded 23 home runs. Recently, the Rangers hitter had his second neck Surgery on July 29 and apparently, that operation ended his career in the Major League.

As of now, Texas Rangers have already scheduled a press conference on August 10, but its time is yet to be announced. Do you think Prince Fielder?s career really ends here? Or, should we expect a comeback in the following years? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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