Tetris Movie Being Planned By Producers Of Social Network: Plot To Show The Controversial Story Of The Popular Video Game, What We Know So Far

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No, it is not about a movie of moving blocks, but it is about the origin of a popular puzzle video game.

After the success of films like the Social Network, where it focus on the creation of social network giant Facebook, some filmmakers are looking for some success stories that can become films, with another news where Big Beach Films are planning to develop a film about the famous board game Monopoly and the story of its owner, the Parker Brothers. And now Brett Ratner and James Packer are developing a film based on the life of Alexy Pajitnov.

Pajitnov is a Russian designer and engineer who developed Tetris in the 1980?s, it then became a phenomenal hit even outside of the then communist-run USSR. The game then was upgraded by different programmers and was ported to different game devices from both console and handheld. The rights of the ownership of the game became a heated legal battle where it almost threatened to break certain relationships with different governments. And in the end, it was Nintendo who won the legal battle for the right to sell the game. Pajitnov did not received any royalties from the profit of the Tetris sales until 1996.

The planned film by RatPac Entertainment will tackle on the controversy of the game, from the pressure from Pajitnov?s home country to the heated legal battles for the game?s publishing rights up to the point where Nintendo won the publishing rights. RatPac Entertainment are also the team behind the production of some known movies such as X-Men First Class, Machete, Gravity, The Lego Movie and Edge of Tomorrow. Brett Ratner was also the director of Rush Hour but no details if he will also direct the biopic. Currently both Ratner and co-producer Packer are looking for a screenwriter for the planned film.

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