Tesla Model X Autopilot Spots Incoming Car Crash; Brakes before Driver Does

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Tesla Model X Autopilot
Tesla Model X Autopilot

The Tesla Model X Autopilot saves an entire family from getting seriously hurt, even killed. Frank van Hoesel and his family were driving home from their Belgium vacation. He had a dashboard cam installed on his Tesla Model X. This caught footage of a car slamming into another vehicle. This happened on the Autobahn in Germany and it was directly in front of his car.

The dashboard video showed the Tesla issuing a warning prior to Hoesel hitting his brakes. While an SUV flipped in front of him and another car careened off the side of the road, he found his car slowing down on its own. He said, “When it happened, when the other cars started hitting the brakes, I also started hitting the brakes. But then the car already was almost stopped. The car was quicker than I was,” he told NBC News.

The video involving Tuesday’s crash had already gone viral. The footage seemed to help Tesla’s image regarding its new radar technology accompanying the Autopilot function. The Autopilot system is uninhibited by obstructive views, unlike drivers are. The radar bounces a signal and this is how the radar can ?see? ahead of the car in front of the driver then analyze the position of other vehicles on the road, according to its company.

Hoesel said he felt pretty safe knowing that the car stopped for them. After the accident, he quickly checked on his family then the other two cars. Five individuals were hurt by the accident. Fortunately, the injuries were minor.

An Autopilot System Advocate

Hoesel is an open advocate of the Autopilot system. He told NBC News that he drives using Autopilot 80 percent of the time ever since he purchased his Tesla three months ago. He’s also a fan of Musk. He even offered his thanks to Musk because his company produced the Autopilot system. He said “He’s part of the reason that our car stopped, so…Well not part of the reason- he’s the reason.” Tesla Motors did not comment on this incident.

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