Chinese White-Hat Hackers Control Tesla Model S From Miles Away

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A few days ago, a group of Chinese hackers were able to penetrate Tesla’s operating system thereby enabling them to control a Model S. According to the group?s blog, the team was able to take control of a Model S from 12 miles away.

The group, called Keen Security Lab, was able to take control of pretty much every aspect of the car. All of the controls were done wirelessly and without any physical attachments or modifications made to the car.

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In the video, the group started the demonstration while the car was on park mode. From there, they were able to open the door and sun-roof, activate turning signals and even adjust the car seats. They also managed to hijack the car, rendering it unusable, from 10 kilometres away.

After these, the group then moved on to something a bit more sinister, controlling a moving Tesla Model S. From here, they managed to do a lot of things to the car.

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Researchers from the group of white-hat hackers were able to control the windshield wipers of the car even while in motion. In addition to this, they also managed to fold the wing mirrors and pop the boot open, also while being the car is moving. To cap it off, the group demonstrated that anyone who has access can operate the car from as far as 12 miles away. To prove this, they instructed members of the research team to apply the brakes on the car while moving.

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All the tests that the group performed on an unaltered Model S ended with success. According to the group, they spent several months of in-depth research on the security feature of Tesla cars. After much tinkering, the group discovered vulnerabilities on the vehicle?s CAN Bus system. The group also mentioned that this is the first known case of remote attack via the system communication line.

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Keen Security Lab got in touch with Tesla to disclose all the security vulnerabilities from their research. Tesla then responded and is now in the process of rectifying the problem. Although an actual threat is pretty much non-existent at the moment, owners are still urged to update to the newest firmware from Tesla.

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