Tesla Model 3 Release Date And Price: Tesla?s Electric Car Will Be Cheaper!

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Tesla Motors is preparing to launch their newest third-generation car, which will be called Model 3.

The new vehicle will be 20 percent smaller from its sister car, the Model S. So how much will it cost? Tesla Motors CEO and founder Felon Musk revealed that the Model 3 will be at around $35,000, as he also revealed that they are planning to go down-market for their new line of automobiles. However the Model 3 is still in product for 2 years, so expect to see them available in the market in 2017 and they will reveal the actual vehicle sometime in 2016, but the good news is that you can starting preordering right now.


The Tesla Model 3 will be an electric car that that has the looks and feel that from similar cars like Audi A4, BMW 3 series, Jaguar XE and Mercedez-Benz C-Class. No official specifications were revealed, but some automobile sites are speculating some features that could be included in the upcoming Model 3. Though it has revealed that it has the design of a smaller version of the Model S, CEO Felon Musk noted that ?I really want the Model 3 to be different, not just a smaller Model S….it will be way different from any other car on the road…in a way that?s really useful and just doesn?t feel like a weird-mobile.?

As for talks of performance, the Model 3 might offer faster acceleration, thanks to Tesla for having a signature for having high power delivery to their vehicles. Since the driving range of the car is expected to be around 200 miles, and could accelerate to 62mph in around 4 seconds. As for its engine, not much info was found but its batteries will be made directly at Tesla?s Gigafactory in Nevada, which is dubbed as one of the most advanced facility. In the interior department, expect to see Tesla?s trademark giant central control screen.

It?s quite surprising that Tesla decides to make the Model 3 go toe-to-toe will gas-powered cars such as the BMW 3-series, but this could probably start a trend for consumers to go all electric on their cars.

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