Terra Battle Update: The New Mobile RPG From Final Fantasy Creator, Confirmed To Land On Smartphones Soon

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Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi revealed Terra Battle, his latest mobile RPG offering

Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of the popular Final Fantasy video game franchise and owner of the video game studio Mistwalker, revealed on Tuesday that the latest game he will direct is called ?Terra Battle.? This game, which is still in production, will be a mobile role-playing game (RPG).

More details about Terra Battle are expected to come from the ?Gooch? (in playful reference to his last name) as he is scheduled to attend the Japan Expo 2014 event in France this Wednesday ? literally a few hours from now. The following day, Sakaguchi will also appear at the Video Game Story Exhibition in Paris.

The Final Fantasy creator has also been interviewed by Japan?s Famitsu magazine. It will be published in their July 17 issue. In the interview, he briefly talked about the possibilities of bringing Terra Battle into home gaming consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox systems. As premature copies of the said magazine issue are already in the hands of a few hardcore fans in Japan, more insights have been revealed about the upcoming mobile RPG. Here is some translated information from the actual interview which appeared on the Japanese blog called Hachima Kiko:

  • The game will be free to play. Players will be able to complete the story without spending a dime.
  • Full details will come in August.
  • The soundtrack is composed by Nobuo Uematsu, there will be a total of 20 tracks.
  • There are three levels of magic in the game: ?Mega,? ?Giga? and ?Terra.? Terra is the strongest, and the title of the game comes from that.
  • The smartphone version is just a starting point, but Sakaguchi-san would like to port it to home consoles eventually.
  • Sakaguchi-san is preparing ?a certain structure? to gather creators together, and reassures gamers that have been worried since he hasn?t released any games lately.

With this development, perhaps we shouldn?t be surprised since Sakaguchi?s last project was also a mobile-exclusive game called Party Wave. The game involves some ?action surfing? where players need to juggle over sharks, sting rays and jellyfish. In the leaked Famitsu magazine article, we know that Terra Battle is set for an iOS and Android release this September. It will also come as a free-to-play game so players don?t need shell out money to complete levels.



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