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Terra Battle 2 Looks Pretty, But Mistwalker Shouldn’t Follow The Original Game’s Art Style And Story

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Terra Battle 2
Source: Terra Battle 2 Facebook page

Mistwalker has released story trailers and good-looking artwork about the upcoming Terra Battle sequel. However, Mistwalker had design and story snags on its previous game which made it hard to recommend to newer players. Here’s why Terra Battle 2 shouldn’t borrow some elements from the original entry.

Terra Battle 2’s Reveal

So far, the developers have released a Terra Battle 2 trailer that features few of its characters and its story. Apparently, Terra Battle 2’s story sprouts when forces of good and evil rise because a strong, pure power appears in the world of Terra. The main character, Sarah, calls in allies from thin air and she engages the monsters that were freshly cured of petrification. So far, the game doesn’t promise any large sprawling civilizations or good sights to see from the start but it is original in its concepts. Lastly, traces of previous Terra Battle’s armor design can be seen on Sarah’s arm guards.

Terra Battle Character Design

To be fair, Terra Battle’s characters look great, vibrant and sometimes gritty. Even the recruitable characters are good enough to be protagonists or key characters in another RPG. However, upgrading these characters results to some nasty changes on their appearance.

Most character upgrades in Terra Battle give them new weapons, clothes, and machinery attached to them. Changing weapons and clothes in any role-playing video games are standard procedure and Mistwalker pulled it off with style. However, while the machinery additions in Terra Battle are cool, they’re really unsettling as whole limbs are replaced for these cybernetic upgrades. Paired with its ominous soundtrack and lack of friendly NPC interaction, Terra Battle gets lonelier and darker even as you progress in story and character upgrades.

Characters like Amina, R’zonand, and Yukken are some of the casualties of this cybernetic upgrades. It feels bad that your characters have to get their limbs cut off for improvement. The cybernetic upgrades are somehow tied to Terra Battle’s lore which makes it unique but it just escalates things too fast. Too much information is thrown at once, making it difficult to comprehend to explain to newer players. Terra Battle 2’s story is still too vague and general based on what we can see from its trailers.

Previous Game’s Story

The first Terra Battle’s story is astronomically absurd. At the beginning, players would recruit their first party members after a bar brawl to embark on a quest to climb a peculiar tower. This sounds fairly regular until you’re thrust into other weird places that seem to be tacked on together for interesting progression. After climbing the tower, the players would find their quest going through an underground maze full of monsters, and a city made of molten magma buildings. Soon after, the players would travel to different planets in outer space using a spaceship fueled by a life of a living woman.  The game also describes that you’ll know she’s dead if the spaceship stops running. Terra Battle’s story is hardcore and hard to digest for some newer players.

Don’t Do Them Again

The first Terra Battle was able to gather players as Final Fantasy veterans Hironobu Sakaguchi and Nobuo Uematsu worked on this title. Sakaguchi was responsible for Final Fantasy’s 1 existence and Uematsu is known for his great music scores often used for JRPG games on any platform. However, the game’s grand but bleak story alone could’ve made casual fans easily disinterested with its features. Currently, Terra Battle is still getting support but just runs mostly on new difficult monster hunts and guest characters. Mistwalker could try introducing a new feature that’ll keep fans interested in this game while there are too many competition with active playerbases in the market.


Terra Battle 2’s doesn’t seem too far from the original’s gameplay at the moment. Terra Battle’s grid-based movement system can be seen in Terra Battle 2’s combat and exploration systems. Both entries have a grid-based combat to move their characters around in the battlefield. The original entry required players to “pincer” or place enemies in between two of their characters to damage them. This might also be the case for Terra Battle 2 since it shows a similar battlefield layout. Additionally, Terra Battle 2 shows characters paired with other creatures which could be its new combat feature.

Meanwhile, exploration in Terra Battle also goes tactical and grid-based. Players would see the layout of the map first and see foes on it from the get-go. The first Terra Battle had a linear exploration as it was laid out in a level select screen akin to Candy Crush and Angry Birds but just in their own style. The upcoming game will have better systems but we’ve yet to see if it’ll be enough to keep them afloat.

For now, it’s hard to tell if Terra Battle 2 will follow in the first game’s footsteps or do new things on their own. Basing from their previous game, Mistwalker’s originality may take some players aback with surprise with their game’s fresh concepts. Terra Battle 2 will be released on iOS, Android and PC in North America and Japan in Summer 2017.

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