Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger Wrestles in WWE 2K16 Trailer, Terminator Bar Scene Recreated

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Wrestlers will have to contend fighting with a robot in the WWE 2K16 video game as the classic Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger T-800 and Arnie?s Judgement Day model will be included for those who pre-order the game. The aged Arnold Schwarzenegger from the poorly received Terminator: Genisys movie however won?t be included.

The Terminator pre-order bonus was revealed in a trailer which shows actor Arnold Schwarzeneggar walking bare naked in a bar. The trailer is actually a recreation of Terminator?s bar scene movie as it includes Scwarzeneggar?s stiff walking and acting, but now he is in the midst of WWE wrestlers. The WWE 2K16 Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger trailer doesn?t show any gameplay footage but it is still interesting to see a famous Hollywood actor jumping in a wrestling game.


Hopefully, the development team?s plan to only include Arnold Schwarzenegger?s model from successful Terminator movies means that the game will also be of the same quality especially as the team has yet to show enough in-game footage of WWE 2K16 even as the game?s release already nears. The lack of in-game trailer is becoming worrisome for many as WWE 2K15 was a major let-down for fans.

If you were planning to pit Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger with legendary Hulk Hogan, you may be out of luck as Hogan was dropped from the WWE 2K16 roster and so was his WWE 2K15 DLC which was permanently removed online. This developed as the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) removed their ties Hogan after a video was released where he declared himself as a racist by throwing?offensive and racist remarks.

WWE 2K16 is developed by 2K Games and will be released on October 27, 2015 for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The game is reportedly promised to bring over 120 unique playable superstars and divas, almost double the character roster of last year’s WWE 2K15 which only has 67 playable characters. Legendary Wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin will be the cover of WWE 2K16.

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