The Ten Weirdest Gadgets in CES 2014

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The Consumer Electronics Show, or more commonly known as CES, this year has shown the biggest trends in 2014 with high ? tech wearables, smart homes, curved TVs and cars. However, there is still enough room for weird gizmos that people might either find amazing or ridiculous. Behold, the ten weirdest gadgets found at the CES 2014.

The Obama Doll

Watch Obama sing and dance to your favorite tune with this plush doll, which you can plug into a music device or a phone. You can also use the Obama doll as a speakerphone. It can be a perfect gift to a friend who loves to be entertained. Mother

This gadget connects you to your home network and tracks where you go, what you eat, and more. All of the things you do everyday will be monitored by the Mother while staring at you with its green eyes. This gadget is now available for preorder with a price of $222 and will be shipped in February.

TrewGrip Keyboard

The TrewGrip Keyboard uses Bluetooth to connect to your small tablet or smartphone. The catch is the keys on the backside will allow you to type by feel. According to its maker, TrewGrip is more ergonomic and will make you type faster than any traditional keyboard.

Yellow Jacket Taser Case for iPhone

This taser delivers 650, 000 volts to any assailants. It is built into your iPhone case for your protection and will be launched in February. This gadget has a market price of $149. Before you even think of buying this, make sure that this is legal in your location.

Elektra Nails with Touchscreen Sensor

The ladies could feel excited with this new invention as these glue ? on nails can be detected by a smartphone?s touchscreen display. It lets users type messages accurately like when you use a stylus pen. You can even paint them with your favorite colors.

Kooky Keecker Projector – on ?- Wheels

The Kooky Keecker is a 1080p projector that you can take wherever you go. This $5000 projector can play your favorite movies while on ? the ? go. It can also allow you to play games since it runs on Anroid 4.2.

Inmotion SCV Compact Personal Transporter

Once you have tried this personal transporter, you might forget your dream luxury car. Lean forward or lean backward, this invention allows you to move easily wherever you wish to go. It has a cruising speed of 15kph and costs $2,499.

Prio Virtual Reality Gaming Body Suit

If you love gaming, then you might push away your new PlayStation 4 controller with this Prio Virtual Reality gaming suit. This $499 suit covers your legs and arms to translate every movement into your character?s actions in the game.

Tao WellShell Thigh Toner

Keep your thighs toned with the Tao WellShell. Simply place it between your legs and squeeze. This squishable fitness invention has the ability to measure the force of your press. It even records data to your smartphone.

ChefJet 3D Food Printer?

This gadget is the newest way to cook food. It uses sugar to create edible three ? dimensional food using a printer. The ChefJet costs $5,000.


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