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Ten Things You Can Do on Facebook (When You’re Tired of All Your Online Friends’ Drama)

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Ever had an experience where you felt annoyed when you went online on Facebook and all you can see are trivial advertisements, unprofessional posts and complaints about their work, emotional status updates and people arguing through offensive comments? Well, you don?t have to grab some popcorn each time these things happen. You can actually do other things on Facebook aside from gawking at the latest online war glaring at the news feed.


  • Edit your pictures

Facebook is an online storage of photos (well, FACEbook isn?t Facebook for no reason). But did you know that you can do more with pictures on Facebook aside from posting them? With LunaPic, an app you can access through your account, you can directly edit your photos on your profile. Editing photos has never been easier.


  • Know where your friends are

You don?t have to text or call your friends to know where they are anymore. Activate Facebook?s Nearby Friends feature to receive push notifications whenever a friend of yours has checked in recently to a nearby place. You can always deactivate this feature whenever you want to.


  • Create and share petitions

Make your internet browsing more meaningful with apps like and Causes that can be accessed with your Facebook account. Every user can make and influence changes by supporting important causes. Search for it and you can start creating and distributing petitions right away. You can even invite your friends to join you.


  • Video call using your Skype account

Yes, you can definitely integrate your Skype account into your Facebook account. You do not have to choose one over the other so combine the two and improve your online chatting experience. Just Add the Skype app?to your Facebook account and start talking.


  • Post your blog posts to your wall

With an app called Wordbook, you can easily post your blog posts directly to your Facebook account. No more copy-paste techniques because it is automatically done whenever you publish a new blog post. More people will discover your blog for sure so use this app to your advantage.


  • Update your timeline

Unleash your inner emotional self by arranging dates and important events in your life through your timeline. This way, you can always remember the good times that happened to you in the past years. You can always look through them whenever you?re feeling sentimental. Facebook will always remind you the things you need and want to remember.


  • Plan events

Use the Groups and Events feature of your Facebook whenever you have an upcoming gathering. If you cannot contact your old friends or colleagues, Facebook is always the best place to find them. Chances are, they are always online. Give them a message or just invite them to a group that you created specifically for that event. Provide the details. Another good thing: they can easily answer right away if they?re going.


  • Promote your business

If you are self-employed or own a business, create a page or group for it. Of the billions of Facebook users all over the world, you are sure to get the publicity you want for your business. You can post updates or advertisements about your company. If you are looking for more people to hire, it is also possible to get more applicants through Facebook.


  • Follow groups, pages or people that you will learn from

These can be pages, companies and people relevant to your career or field of specialization. Following them will not only update you with the latest trends in your field, but may also give you tips on how to be successful in your chosen path.


  • Talk like a pirate

Not literally. It?s just that the Facebook interface is available in multiple languages, ranging from Hebrew to Hindi or Persian. But one cool language it knows is Pirate. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, select the current language, and in the window that appears, select English, and after that English (Pirate).



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