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Skyrim Mods: Ten Mods That’ll Renew Your Skyrim Experience (Part 1)

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Since Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls was launched on? November 11, 2011, it has established itself as one of the games a gamer should not be missing in his library. But is it even possible to make a game as good or even greater than this? Fortunately, gamers thought it was, and that gave birth to a lot of mods which we enjoy.

There are a ton of mods out there, available on sites like Skyrim Nexus and Steam Workshop, that offer the player endless possibilities. There are mods which make your female Dragonborn look like a supermodel on the runway; there are mods to even make the Dragonborn Jarl of a Hold or High King of all Skyrim; and there is even a mod that makes it possible for you to live your Skyrim life watching the Dragonborn own through the eyes of others.

For the casual gamer, things can get a little confusing when picking out the mods you want to play. To help you, we have picked out a few mods that is essential to immerse yourself in the large, vast expanse of the world that is Skyrim.

Here are ten mods which we think would make playing and re-playing Skyrim an altogether different and unique experience.

1. UI Mod by the SkyUI Team


One thing that vanilla Skyrim users have always had a beef with is the user-interface, or the menu. So many words have been used to describe it. Some say that it?s cumbersome, others claim that it?s complicated, while others complain that it?s messy and confusing to get around. With the UI Interface, however, this problem is eliminated. Users will find that items have been segregated into specific niches, with countless options to customize the menu based on each player?s unique playing style.

2. Bellyache?s New Dragon Species


This is a fitting mod to play because Skyrim?s main objective is to defeat dragons (as if you didn?t know already). This mod adds around 50 new species to the game. Apart from your generic Swamp Dragon or Blood Dragon, you may now encounter Brilliant Leviathans, Speckled Swampdivers, a pack of Ruddy Aspfangs, or even a Violet Stormchaser. Each of these dragons still have their generic scale and bone drops with some new additions such as ores or ingredients for potions.

3. 3JIou and Redshift’s?Deadly Dragons


The Deadly Dragons mod comes with a simple logic on why you would want to install it. It?s pretty simple, really: if a pack of poorly equipped, poorly skilled bandits can take down a full-grown dragon, then why does Skyrim need the Dragonborn to save it? This mod makes a dragon battle movie-worthy, the way Bethesda might have meant for dragon battles to happen. It also has an option to make your vanilla Skyrim monsters more of the monsters that they are, and less spawns meant for the player to farm.

4.?Skyrim: 3DNPC by Kris Takahashi


An essential mod that became so good and so important, it spawned its own blog site, where updates to the mod is posted regularly. This mod adds color and depth to the Skyrim immersion experience with over 250+ voiced NPCs, each possessing a unique quest and personality to them. With this mod, your role-experience is enhanced greatly. Depending on how you interact with the NPCs, you can either be a jerk or a jester, a morally-upright white knight, or a low-down assassin.

5. Convenient Horses


While Skyrim is a unique game for correctly defining the physics and precise action of a horse running on a road, skipping over a fallen tree branch, or jumping off a cliff, much remains to be seen about the ability of master to call his or her horse to their side. Imagine having to go chase off a dragon, only to find that your horse went off by its own, and you are conveniently left in the middle of the Skyrim wilderness with no other means of transportation. This mod solves that problem for you. Not only do you have the option to change your horse?s armour and behavior to specifically suit the status of your Dragonborn, you also have the option to call your horse to your side using a horse whistle!

In the next article, another five articles will be discussed, as well as some mods that deserve mention and recognition. Until then, keep calm, and slay dragons!

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